Asia Malaysia Singaporean crooks paid their price and Najib says did no wrong: Mahathir

Singaporean crooks paid their price and Najib says did no wrong: Mahathir




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Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad in a jibe at Prime Minister Najib Razak said Singapore bankers committed illegalities, and paid the price for it.

But he asked, how can Najib say he did nothing wrong?

In his blog posting, Mahathir further questioned the Malaysian Attorney General asking him how could he have declared that there would be no further action against 1MDB and that Najib is cleared when Singapore fined the ‘crooks’.

Mahathir lists down what the Singapore prosecutors have found:

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i. Yak Yew Chee, former director of Swiss bank BSI, guilty of four criminal charges related to Malaysia’s state investor 1MDB.

ii. Yvonne Seah Yew Foong, a former BSI private banker, was sentenced to two weeks jail and fined $10,000 becoming the second person convicted in Singapore’s probe into 1Malaysia Development Bhd.

iii. Former BSI banker Yeo Jiawei was jailed for 30 months for witness tampering in 1MDB scandal.

iv. Falcon Bank’s ex-Singapore branch manager, Jens Sturzenegger, jailed 28 weeks and fined S$128,000 in 1MDB related scandal.

He said the Straits Times of Singapore reported that a certain Sturzenegger who has ties with Jho Low (Low Taek Jho) a close friend of Najib, “who is accused around the world of being at the centre of alleged massive money-laundering linked to 1MDB”.

“Clearly Singapore finds a lot of things wrong with 1MDB funds and management. But Malaysia’s famous Attorney General declares there is nothing wrong in the operation of 1MDB money.

“He does not see any need for continued investigations,”. Mahathir asked.

Mahathir hit harder saying it cannot be that 1MDB money flew on its own to Singapore into the hands of the four crooks named.

“Somebody in Malaysia who managed 1MDB must have sent the money to Singapore.

“Somebody from 1MDB must have had dealings with the crooked Singapore bankers and the banks involved.

“Somebody in 1MDB’s management must know about the systematic syphoning of 1MDB money or abuses of the authority to handle it,” he said.

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