Home News Singapore second most expensive city to date on Valentine's day

Singapore second most expensive city to date on Valentine’s day




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With Valentine’s day over, the Human Resources Online website said Singapore is among the second most expensive city for a ‘date’ in Asia.

However, it is not among the 10 most expensive cities for a date on a global scale.

With Valentine’s day, love was very much alive in Singapore. The ECA International said Singapore ranks second on being one of the most expensive Asian cities for romance.

The report showed that a romantic evening date in Singapore consisting of a dinner for two, movies, drinks and a return taxi ride could set you back a solid USD$190.

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While Hong Kong has proven to be the most expensive Asian city for romance, with a date costing $195, Sydney did not disappoint with a hefty #217!

Geneva, Switzerland tops the global list, where a date could amount to $295; while the least expensive city to have a date would be in Tashkent, Uzbekistan ($69) – which is close to five times less than Geneva.

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