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Singapore netizens support Trump’s action against Muslim immigrants




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Many netizens responding to Channel NewsAsia’s (CNA) report on chaos and anger which ensued after Trump’s decree halting the entry of some Muslims into the United States of America (US) supported the President’s action.

Facebook users responding to CNA’s report ‘Chaos, anger as Trump order halts some Muslim immigrants‘, approved the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump’s order to restrict people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US.


Douglas M. Scalzo whose Facebook suggest that he is an American who now lives in Singapore, and is a Trump supporter, pointed out that Singapore citizens are not affected by the order. “Singapore is a civilised nation and not a hotbed of extremism,” he said. He claimed: “Singapore also doesn’t allow people from these nations to just come into Singapore.”

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Facebook user Zeyar Lin Aung said that Trump is only restricting the movement of citizens from “7 troubled countries”. She claimed that “even other Muslim countries do not welcome (these nationals) easily.”

She added: “Yes that affects some good people from these countries, but lets just be realistic. It’s difficult to individually check everyone, also there are many economic immigrants in the disguise of refugee.”

Jeremy Lesslar said that the POTUS’s action was “hardcore!”

“This surely sends a strong message to the world that America’s new president says what he means and means what he says; that his campaign promises are not hollow rhetoric,” he added.

Lim Meng Lee asked: “I wonder what will Singapore government do and Singaporeans reactions if we are faced with the similar drug cartels and terrorists threats back in our own country?”

Other netizens suggested that Trump was only “delivering on his election promise to make America safe and to safeguard national security.”

“US has every right to determine whom it will allow into the county and who can become permanent residents. The ban is only for 4 months and only for nationals of 7 Muslim majority countries which pose the highest risk of having radicalized people. Many economic migrants and terrorists apply to enter the US under refugee status. Under current conditions, there is a clear and real threat to national security. Draconian as it may be, it is necessary and better than doing nothing.” – FB user Au Kah Kay

Some others however felt that the Presidential decree had made America less safer.

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