Home News Crazy rich Singapore couple's S$2million on a draws attention

Crazy rich Singapore couple’s S$2million dinner on a private jet draws attention

The dinner was hosted at 40,000 feet on board a S$50million Bombardier Global 6000 private jet




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A Singaporean couple splashed S$2million on an 18-course meal on a and this got the attention of the Daily Mail in the UK.

Falling short of calling it a ‘crazy rich Asian’ , the Daily Mail says it is billed as the ‘world’s most exclusive dinner’.

The dinner was hosted at 40,000 feet on board a S$50million Bombardier Global 6000 private jet.

The package was put together by a Russian company, World of Diamonds Group. The paper did not name the couple.

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Here is what you get if you sign up for such an expensive package:

It spans over three days, with a dinner on a private jet, a cruise on a luxury yacht and comes with diamond-encrusted chopsticks.

The chopsticks are encrusted with 42 diamonds.

Here is a video from the company:

There is also a , which is set with a rare 2.08-carat cushion-cut, vivid blue diamond, said the paper.

On its portal, the company calls it ‘The world most expensive dining experience’ that comes with 18 courses, and the ‘Jane Seymour’ gift.

The ring is named after British American actress and former Bond girl Jane Seymour.

The blue diamond ring was given to her as a gift in 2016.

It is a rare 2.08-carat Fancy Vivid blue cushion-cut diamond set in a platinum ring and coated with a rose gold finish, according to the company.

The company launched the concept in 2016. At that time it involved a helicopter ride, Rolls-Royce journey and luxury cruise, 10,000 roses, an 18-course dinner and vintage wines – for two people. 

Guests get to keep the (gifted to them) and the gold-plated personalized .

In 2017, the dining concept was re-launched. Now it takes place during a 4-hour private jet trip with the 18-course cuisine catered from a Michelin-starred restaurant. 

It says the proceeds from the dinner could potentially save the lives of 8,000 children in Nigeria annually.

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