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Singapore authorities: Mikhy Brochez counters with unsubstantiated claims and ‘baseless allegations’ about HIV data leak




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A Facebook account allegedly owned by Mikhy Brochez, the man perceived to be at the helm of the HIV registry leak, posted claims that there was another person involved in the HIV Registry leak, that he was maltreated while in police custody, and that he had contracted HIV while in prison and was denied HIV medication while serving his sentence.

In a joint statement, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Prison Service (SPS) asserted that the accusations made by Brochez were all phoney.

“Brochez had been tried and found guilty by the Singapore Courts,” both agencies said. “He has now made baseless allegations about the investigations as well as against Police and Prisons. His actions have shown him to be a pathological liar,” noted the statement.

Regarding Brochez’ accusation that he was sexually attacked and and eventually contracted HIV in prison, both agencies vehemently denied such allegation and said that the allege sexual assault was promptly looked into by the Criminal Investigation Department and was found to be fictitious. On the contrary, Brochez was said to have committed a “litany of institutional offences, including assaulting a fellow inmate”.

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In the statement, it was made clear that Brochez already had HIV prior to his incarceration in 2016, adding that this “is a matter of record.”

On Brochez’ claim that he was denied HIV medication while serving his sentence, authorities asserted that this was incorrect and noted that Brochez already declared himself to be HIV-positive since 2008 when he was admitted to prison, but declined to take on the necessary blood tests.

“Prisons eventually checked with MOH, (given his refusal), and subsequently provided him with the necessary medication,” read the statement.

MOH also issued a statement on the matter, stating that Brochez “continues to make allegations which are either false or unsubstantiated with any evidence.”

“The matter has been thoroughly investigated by both the Ministry of Health and the Police. Brochez was convicted in Court for fraud and various drug offences. Should new evidence emerge, we will investigate accordingly,” the ministry said.

It also discounted Brochez’s claim that that the HIV Registry is used to target a group of men with a specific sexual orientation. “Our priority remains the wellbeing of the affected individuals,” it added.

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