Entertainment Arts Sheila Sim finds out about her pregnancy on second wedding anniversary

Sheila Sim finds out about her pregnancy on second wedding anniversary

The Singaporean model/actress said she was feeling tired during the CNY period which was unusual for her and so she decided to do the pregnancy test on her wedding anniversary




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Singaporean model/actress Sheila Sim celebrated her second wedding anniversary with banker husband Deon Woo on 28 January 2020. The day was also made more memorable because she found out she was pregnant. Speaking to 8days.sg in a phone interview, the 35-year-old said that she and Deon were going out for dinner and she decided to do a pregnancy test because she felt tired during the Chinese New Year Period.

She is usually very energetic so she decided to take the test. Taking note of the fact that  a pregnancy test kit would be expensive, she wondered if she should try to just wait to see if her period comes. But in the end she did the test and it came out positive. Since getting married, Sim has often spoken about starting a family. The couple have been trying for children but they did not want to have such high hopes as they also had a lot of travel plans.

But with the coronavirus pandemic their travel plans have anyway been shelved. The circuit breaker works out well for Sim as she is four months pregnant and is due sometime in late September or early October.

The extra time is ideal for the couple to make preparation for the baby’s arrival. After doing the pregnancy test, she put the positive pregnancy test kit in a car for Deon but he did not see the kit when he opened the card. So Sim pointed it out to him and he responded with, “What the f***. Really ah!?”. She recorded his reaction but she says she is not going to show it in public.

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The model/actress also recorded a video of her mother’s reaction. Sim describes her mother as a dramatic and funny woman so she was wondering if she should post a video of her mother’s reaction. On her mother’s 60th birthday, Sheila put the ultrasound scan in her card and her mother did not notice the scan. Sheila had to point it out and when she did, her mother screamed and cried. She has been wanting a grandchild since Sheila was 24, according to her.

Sheila Sim is expecting a baby girl with her husband Deon Woo. Picture: Instagram

In Sim’s pregnancy announcement photo, she is holding a soft toy of a rat in a pink dress as she is expecting a girl. Her daughter will be the third in a generation of Rat babies as both Sim and her mum were born in the year of the Rat as well. Deon told Sheila that he better earn more money to keep all of them well-fed.

The actress said that she has a baby bump but her clothes are loose-fitting so it is easy to hide it. Since the pregnancy is at an early stage, she has not put on much baby weight. She said on some days she even forgets that she is pregnant as she has not had any morning sickness or special cravings. Considering that she is pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic, she said that she is managing quite well as she can just relax, meditate, rest and clean the house.

Her husband has been very caring during this period and according to him he also experienced pregnancy symptoms like backache and bloated stomach. Sim said that she has read about such things happening to couples before.

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