NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, known for his astute investments, enters the EdTech space with Edsoma, an AI-powered platform that is revolutionizing children’s communication and education. Following the success of his “Ring Doorbell” business, Shaq became a proponent of high-quality education, getting an Ed. D. after leaving the NBA. His most recent endeavor highlights his ongoing dedication to empowering young minds.

O’Neal made a bombshell regarding his most recent investment, revealing the crucial query that quickly informed his choice. The solution to this question made the road to investment incredibly clear. O’Neal focused on his strategic decision to invest in Edsoma, highlighting how he became deeply convinced of the company’s potential and the efficacy of its offering by being fully immersed in the platform.

The business portfolio of Shaquille O’Neal is extensive

Shaquille O’Neal has been slam-dunking his way into the business world since retiring from the NBA and has accumulated an outstanding portfolio.

The Big Aristotle is demonstrating that his skills go beyond the basketball court with hot investments in well-known fast-food franchises and smart businesses in numerous areas through his venture capital endeavors. His calculated maneuvers and acute eye for chances are igniting the corporate world, displaying a winning streak that is comparable to his legendary on-court accomplishments.

Brand Industry
Lyft Transportation
JC Penney Retail
Gold Bond Health/Wellness
Icy Hot Health/Wellness
The General Insurance Insurance
Reebok Sportswear
Forever 21 Retail
Barneys New York Retail

Shaq, who is a titan on the court and in business, has built a wide portfolio that includes brands like Papa John’s and “Big Chicken.” In addition to owning fast food restaurants, he also runs car washes and gyms. By enlisting Shaq’s support, Edsoma hopes to capitalize on his success and reinvent international education.

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