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Senior Citizens should work for as long as they can, ex-Minister Lim Boon Heng




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Speaking at the launch of a training programme by the Centre For Seniors, former PAP chairman and Cabinet Minister, Lim Boon Heng, said that people should work for as long as they can. Mr Lim is also the patron of Centre For Seniors.

“We should work for as long as we are able to work, and want to work, although we should not expect the same pay…Don’t be surprised that a few years from now, someone else may be talking about a retirement age which is beyond 70…”Not many people can look forward to see what life could be. When people reach retirement age, they look at their CPF savings, bank accounts and commitments, then they ask if they can afford to retire…Some can, and some can even retire earlier, but many would still need to continue to work.” – Mr Lim at the launch event on 26 March 2017

Singapore’s re-employment age will be raised from 65 to 67 in four months time. Workers can now retire at age 62, but those who want to continue working can seek re-employment. As long as their work is satisfactory and they are healthy, employers have to rehire retired workers, in the same or a similar job, until the re-employment age.

Mr Lim has is a strong proponent of senior citizens working longer. In the 1980s, he was was scolded by union leaders for proposing that workers work longer than the retirement age.

Mr Lim retired from active politics in 2011, at the age of 64. Mr Lim walked the talk and did not go into retirement after his career as a politician, but joined Temasek Holdings as a Director. In July 2013, the investment company announced his appointment as Chairman to replace the then outgoing Chairman S. Dhanabalan.

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