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SDP’s Chee Soon Juan calls out MP Murali Pillai over delays in

Dr Chee brought up delayed projects and areas which pose a safety hazard to the public in a Facebook post on June 25




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Singapore Democratic Party () Secretary-General took a swipe at current SMC Member of Parliament (MP) on Facebook yesterday, June 25. In the post, Dr Chee brought up delayed projects and areas which pose a safety hazard to the public.

Mr Pillai won the Bukit Batok SMC seat in the 2016 by-elections with 61.2% of the votes, while Dr Chee who ran against him got 38.8% of the votes.

In the post, Dr Chee uploaded a series of eight photos of various projects in the Bukit Batok area which have either been delayed or pose danger to the public. Along with the photos, Dr Chee called for accountability, asking “Is Mr Murali aware of this delay? If he is, has he told residents the reasons for the delay and why for such a long period? If he hasn’t explained it, will he be doing it soon?”

One of the projects being referred to by Dr Chee was supposed to span from the fourth quarter of 2015, to the third quarter of 2017. The photo of the Neighbourhood Renewal Programme signboard uploaded by Dr Chee shows that the it has now been taped over and shows that the project is expected to end in the third quarter of 2020.

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The contract period has been taped over and replaced with “3rd Quarter 2020”.

The initial signboard before it was taped over, showed the contract period to be from “4TH QUARTER 2015 TO 3RD QUARTER 2017”.

A similar delay of almost three years was seen on another project, with the signboard indicating that the project was set to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2017. Dr Chee questioned if the project was completed, and asked why the board and office set up at the site (seemingly for the purpose of the site) were still there if the project was completed.

The date of completion is stated as “4TH QUARTER 2017”, but the board was up as of June 23.

Additionally, Dr Chee also referred to a signboard in the area with the expected date of completion being taped over and left blank.

The expected date of completion was taped over and left blank.

Another delay was seen in a “Revitalisation of Shops” project which was set to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2019. From the photo uploaded by Dr Chee, it can be seen that works are yet to be completed, with orange tapes haphazardly put up to mark the area.

Dr Chee also raised another problem regarding the same project, saying that although the area under construction had signs put up to remind residents to keep out, it was not fenced off.

Dr Chee pointed out that the area under construction not being fenced off, poses a safety hazard to the public.

Another area which Dr Chee brought up was an area encircled by blue tarpaulin sheets which are torn and falling apart. He mentioned that the area was an eyesore, but on top of that, Dr Chee stressed that it was a safety hazard to the residents. In the photo, rocks and cement are seen strewn across the area, and shows a hawker centre right next to it, with what looks like a market right behind it.

Dr Chee wrote that the area was an eyesore and a safety hazard.

He added that all of the photos were taken on June 23 this year, other than the photo of the initial project dates for the Neighbourhood Renewal Programme signboard.

Dr Chee is set to run for the Bukit Batok SMC again in the upcoming elections.

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