International World Residents flagged London stabber who was never arrested!

Residents flagged London stabber who was never arrested!




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The BBC today revealed a stunning piece of news, after interviewing residents of a bloc of flat in Barking, London.

Some residents came out to criticise the authorities for not doing anything despite the many reports that was filed against the individual.

This was after a raid in Barking where 12 people, 7 women and 5 men were arrested.

One of the London Borough stabbing suspect was a resident of the area, which led to the police raid on some homes within the flats.

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The 12 arrested were made to lie down flat on the floor while police surrounded them before they were packed in a marked police vehicle.

However, when the BBC showed a picture of one of the suspects, they quickly recognised the guy and said “This is him, this is the guy,” to the BBC reporter.

They said he was reported to the authorities two years ago after he was found trying to befriend their children.

Later on he told the parents their children had to be saved, and when the mother asked from what, he replied: “From this world!”

They had a conversation from which they thought the guy had serious problems and reported him to the police.

The husband of the women who spoke to the BBC even said the killed suspect told them all of those who does not follow what he follows would go to hell.

And he thought this was an extremist view, but the police failed to act.

Another person who seemed to have known the suspect who was shot by the police in the incident on Saturday night said the attacker became gradually radicalised over the past two years.

Seeing the change in personality and attitude, he reported the attacker to the police but he was surprised the police did nothing.

He said he did his bit, but the man was left alone by the police.

They did not investigate the person, nor did they make an effort to find out whether the numerous reports (apparently more people filed reports against him) ever was taken seriously.

Seven people were killed by the attackers and the three suspects were also shot dead by the police.

Scores of injured people were sent to various hospitals in London in what is now the third violent attack in the UK in three months.

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