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Racist “joke” about the complexions of people in Little India and Chinatown goes viral

The post involved a conversation between two people where directions were given based on skin tone, advising that the best way to get out of Little India is to walk until the skin tone of the surrounding people got "brighter" to reflect that he was no more in an Indian area and for Chinatown he described it as "yellower"




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A racist “joke” about the complexions of people in the Little India and Chinatown districts in Singapore has been going viral. The Facebook post sharing the joke has accumulated over 1,700 shares since it was published on Sunday (9 June).

A screenshot of a mobile message sharing the joke, which could have really been sent between friends or manufactured online, was posted on social media by Facebook user Raditya Ghaffari.

Captioning his post “goblog” – also known as “goblok” which is a famous Malay/Indonesian slang word to define something stupid – Mr Ghaffari shared the following racist “joke” on Facebook:

Photo: Raditya Ghaffari FB

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Mr Ghaffari’s Facebook page suggests that he is a 24-year-old from Jakarta, Indonesia who is now living in Singapore. Mr Ghaffari had written on his Facebook profile that he likes to “regularly sh!@post”. Sh!@posts refer to low quality, troll, or deliberately dumb posts.

The post making the racist joke could be one such post. The Independent has reached out to Mr Ghaffari to confirm the origin of the screenshot and will update this article once we receive a response. -/TISG

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