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PSP’s Leong Mun Wai tells Shanmugam that Nee Soon was never up for “horse-trading”

“There is no horse-trading agreement or negotiation between RP and ourselves with regards to Nee Soon or any other constituencies,” said Mr Leong




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Another member of the () responded to Minister ’s comments that PSP’s contesting was ‘half-hearted’.

In a Facebook post yesterday (Jul 2), Assistant Secretary-General Leong Mun Wai wrote that “PSP is always committed to Nee Soon”

“As I am the person directly responsible in the discussion with all the alternative parties, let me reiterate what I have said before publicly”, he added.

Mr Leong emphasized: “There is no horse-trading agreement or negotiation between RP and ourselves with regards to Nee Soon or any other constituencies”.

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He explained that there are many opposition parties vying for the limited number of seats. Various ideas were brought forth during discussions “but that does not mean they were accepted even as a basis for negotiation”, he added.

His comments came after the PAP’s K. Shanmugam said that the opposition attempt on this election seems to be a “half-hearted” one.

During a virtual press conference streamed from the People’s Action Party’s Nee Soon East branch, Mr Shanmugam said of his opponents, the (PSP): “I don’t want to speculate why PSP has come, but it seems to have been very half-hearted about it. As you will recall, a week ago it was offering to trade Nee Soon for some other constituency.”

Responding, Mr Bowyer said it was a rumour that PSP had offered to cede Nee Soon, and his team had been preparing for the Nee Soon campaign since the electoral boundary report came out.

“We have been on the ground for nearly a month already as far as possible under the circuit breaker guidelines,” he said, according to a report in The Straits Times.

“It seems trying to delegitimise us is the current strategy,” he added. “I was hoping they would take a higher road and say why they deserve to be re-elected, rather than this”, Mr Bowyer said.

The PSP team for Nee Soon consists of Mr Damien Tay, 51, party treasurer Mr Sri Nallakaruppan, 56, Mr Bradley Bowyer, 53, Ms Kala Manickam, 52, and Mr Taufik Supan, 40.

PAP’s team consists of: Mr Shanmugam, 61, Mr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, 52, Mr Louis Ng, 41, Ms Carrie Tan, 38, and Mr Derrick Goh, 51. /TISG

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