Prison Life in Singapore: Titus Low Shares His Experience and Meeting with Dee Kosh

Prison life in Singapore has been a topic of curiosity lately, especially after the release of Titus Low from jail on Nov 9. Titus Low has been asking his followers on social media if they have any questions about his time behind bars.

And the most-asked question proved to be about Titus’ haircut, or why he did not have to shave his head. Prisoners in Singapore typically must shave their heads or keep their hair “cut close” if they are jailed for more than a month.

The rule didn’t apply to Titus Low because he was jailed for only three weeks, a relatively short period in terms of prison life in Singapore.

Another hot question, which Titus made a separate video about, was if he saw fellow YouTuber Dee Kosh while behind bars.

Dee Kosh, 33 was handed a 32-week prison sentence after being found guilty of sexual offences involving teenage boys. The YouTuber, named Darryl Ian Koshy in court documents, solicited paid sex from a total of four teenage boys between February 2017 and August 2020.

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In his video, Titus Low said that he did meet Dee Kosh in prison.

“So we’re both like (serving a) short sentence, so it’s bound (sic) that we kinda both meet in jail”, he added. 

“I mean he was nice to me, talked to me and gave me advice on how to survive prison, tell me (about his) experience here and such. So I think he’ll be like coming out next year but that’s not my story to tell”, Low said. 

Responding to a question about what happened to Dee Kosh, Low replied: “Botak”.

Low had been sentenced to three weeks’ jail for breaching a police order to access his OnlyFans account. He was fined another $3,000 for transmitting obscene materials via the platform.

In his video, Low said that prison life in Singapore  “wasn’t the best experience”. He is glad it’s over and is ready to move on from this chapter of his life. /TISG

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