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Paul Tambyah says a POSB branch manager was afraid to take a picture with him in case he gets “marked”

The SDP chairman said he was very sorry for every Singaporean who felt this way as the whole point was to make a change




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Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) chairman, Dr Paul Tambyah, revealed over the weekend that a POSB branch manager was afraid to take a picture with him, in case he gets “marked” by the authorities.

Dr Tambyah revealed this as his party launched their Campaign Kick-Off on Saturday (23 Feb), in preparation for the next General Election. He revealed:

“I was a bit early for one of our SDP walkabouts in one of the town centres, and I saw a crowd gathering around the POSB branch. So, I went to see what was going on and found out there was a lucky draw for DBS or POSB cardholders. So, I duly showed my credit card and I won an umbrella.

“Just for fun, I asked the SDP photographer to take a photo of me receiving the umbrella from the branch manager. About 10 minutes later, the bank manager came up and asked us to crop him out of the picture. I asked him, ‘why?’ He said to me, ‘you must understand, I have a young family, I cannot afford to be ‘marked’’.

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“I reassured him that this would not happen. I had been promoted and received tenure after being involved in politics with the SDP, but he would not be convinced so I had to ask the photographer to oblige.

“The manager seemed relieved. However, he said as a parting shot, when you guys come into power I’m sure everything is okay, but for now thanks for keeping me out of the picture’. I felt very sad, not just for him, but for every Singaporean who has felt this way.”

Dr Tambyah said that he wants to help make a change in Singapore and decided to join an opposition party after his many attempts to give feedback to the government failed. He asserted:

“The system will not change if it is too deeply entrenched and the cost of change is too high for those in leadership.”

During the Campaign Kick-Off, the party’s secretary-general, Dr Chee Soon Juan, said that Dr Tambyah could have easily become a Minister if he had joined the People’s Action Party (PAP) but he joined the SDP because of the party’s values.


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