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PAS chasing 1MDB culprits or joining in the crime, Netizens ask




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PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan recently said the only agenda for the Islamists is to see justice done in the 1MDB scandal.

But many people believe they are deep in the scandal, and are playing a game of cat and mouse in order to divert public attention.

The question is attention from what?

Nasrudin apparently said the ‘criminals’ who had allegedly siphoned and laundered billions of 1MDB’s money must be charged in court.

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But who are the criminals according to the PAS?

They are those outside of Malaysia, and they got nothing to do with Prime Minister Najib Razak.

That was what the PAS leader Hadi Awang seemed to say everytime he is asked his views – Islamic edicts mind you – on the 1MDB issue.

Hadi even said there must be 4 witnesses to come forward to prove that Najib is involved in the crime.

Can we deduct from this type of statement that is there is admittance there was a crime and if there are 4 witnesses who comes forward with their words against that of Najib, then the latter is guilty?

Or will Hadi then come and say we cannot believe any Tom-Dick-Harry against the words of a PM?

But a large number of Malaysians are now saying those who obstruct justice and those who spin stories to shield these criminals must likewise be made accountable.

“So Nasrudin, stop beating around the bush. You either condemn the criminals, or you are one of those who abet them,” said a comment in MalaysiaKini.

Singapore, Switzerland and US Department of Justice – DOJ – have done enough on 1MDB-related matters.

What is Hadi waiting for?

He could get the witness statement from Singapore, Switzerland and the US, added with that of the 1MDB guys who are in hiding – for sure they will come out of the closet if they are told to – and voila! you got four witnesses, said another netizen comment on Facebook.

Another one said: The majority of the rakyat know that PAS is seeking to form government with BN despite knowing that someone has allegedly siphoned money from 1MDB, and PAS probably has benefited from the heist as alleged. Was it RM90 million?

“But of course, no one will admit to receiving stolen money. PAS has veered very far from its original struggle of upholding Islamic principles. They know that stealing is a hudud-punishable offence, but they got around this by claiming no theft had taken place,” said the comment.

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