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Not for the faint at heart – The world of extreme sports is an exhilarating, unforgettable ride




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If you’re tired of the same old routine and want a mad adrenaline rush, the world of extreme sports may have a lot in store for you. With activities like extreme wingsuit flying, rock climbing, and free diving, this is definitely not a place for those who’re looking for something easy. You have to be prepared to be terrified, pushing the limits of your body and mind and turning to other enthusiasts for support.

None of these activities should be attempted without an experienced instructor and the right equipment, of course. They can be dangerous and it’s essential to experience the exhilaration of something like a free dive in a responsible and safe manner.

Here’s a curated list of activities that are popular among adventurers across the globe:

  1. Parkour

  Also known as freerunning, parkour basically requires you to use your body to overcome obstacles in your path. You can join a group of traceurs anywhere in the world and don’t even need to leave the city to train. The sport lets you jump, dodge, run and get through hurdles like a ninja. It also requires mental strength and physical fitness. If you’re looking to have some fun and do something different, this one’s a great option!

  1. Bungee Jumping
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A perennial crowd favorite, bungee jumping is guaranteed to leave you in awe for a long time. It is pretty straightforward too – you jump off a tall structure with a bungee cord attached. You get to take in breathtaking views and battle momentary fear right before you take the plunge.  Some of the best spots for bungee jumping in the world include Nevis Highwire (New Zealand), Bhote Kosi River (Nepal),  Niouc Bridge (Switzerland) and Victoria Falls Bridge (Zambia/Zimbabwe).

  1. Free Diving

Freediving requires divers to hold their breath once they descend into the water. Divers typically don’t use scuba gear (such as breathing apparatus) and rely on their ability to hold their breath until they can resurface. The challenges are pretty difficult such as staying calm and alert during the dive, maintaining mental control and fighting the urge to breathe. Close supervision is required and divers are carefully monitored during ascent since blackouts tend to occur. This sport forces its practitioners to challenge their limits and stay mentally strong in tough situations.

  1.  Mountain Biking

This sport requires people to ride their bicycles in rough terrain, which is challenging and tests core strength,  balance and even the ability to rely on yourself in a difficult situation. Mountain bikers need to be fairly independent and strong because they’re generally away from civilization during a bike ride and may have to deal with a flat tire or even a broken bike. It’s necessary for them to know basic skills to avoid getting stranded far away from their base.  Ski resorts, mountain trails, deserts and national parks are popular options for mountain bikers to practice their sport.

  1. Sky Diving

This one is a popular bucket list pick, and for good reason. Skydivers jump from an extremely high point (usually a plane) and use a parachute to control the speed of the dive before landing. Tandem skydiving is the most popular option and requires an experienced skydiver to dive with you and ensure your safety during the dive. Few things in the world are probably as thrilling as freefalling, taking in the views and letting go in every way possible. Some of the most interesting dropzones worth checking out are Palm Jumeirah (Dubai), Fox Glacier (New Zealand), Mount Everest (Nepal) and Wollongong (Australia).


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