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Non-profit foundation pioneers monthly meal sponsorships for over 100 elderly cardboard collectors




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A local non-profit organisation, the Happy People Helping People Foundation, is pioneering a new monthly meal sponsorship programme that will help over 100 elderly beneficiaries in their care.

The Foundation offers support to elderly individuals, between the age of 55-91 years old, who are reportedly not receiving adequate or any support from their children, relatives or the authorities. These beneficiaries usually work and live independently, depending on jobs like collecting cardboard to survive.

Through this new meal sponsorship programme, the Foundation is hoping to have individuals donate $93 to provide for the meals of one beneficiary for one month. Donors can choose to sponsor their beneficiary for more than one month and can sponsor more than one beneficiary, however, the Foundation requires donors to meet the beneficiaries they are supporting at least once.

The Foundation appeals:

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Dear all,

We have more than 100 elderly beneficiaries under our care. All of them are between the age of 55-91 years old and all are independent-surviving and are not receiving sufficient help (or none at all) from their children or the government.

Currently, we are trying out this new scheme where we connect the beneficiaries with the donor. Something like adopting for a period of time.

Each beneficiaries need $93 for a month ($3 per meal x 31 days). You may choose to support them for a month or more. You may also choose to support more than 1 beneficiary. But what is important is, you MUST TO MEET THEM IN PERSON at least once, on our next Happy Sunday which is on the 7th January. On the 7th January, we will be at these locations at these timings:

a) Little India: 1pm-2pm
b) Toa Payoh: 3pm-4pm
c) Chinatown: 4pm-5pm

You may also join us on that day, to make payments for their meals at a stall in the areas above.

If you are keen to sponsor meals, please PM us the details below:

No. of elderly beneficiaries you are sponsoring:
No. of months you are supporting:
Area you wish to support (Little India, Chinatown or Toa Payoh):

Please help us spread word about the need for meal sponsorships to your friends as we need meal sponsorships for more than 100 elderly beneficiaries. For further enquiries, please PM Happy People Helping People Foundation.

MONTHLY MEAL SPONSORSHIPS NEEDED! PLEASE SHARE!Dear all,We have more than 100 elderly beneficiaries under our care….

Posted by Happy People Helping People Community on Sunday, 17 December 2017


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