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‘No pet store in S’pore will sell a sick dog,’ says owner of Imperial Pets in response to customer complaint

Pet store owner, Mr Goh said that the puppy in question was healthy at the time of purchase as their dogs come from authorised breeders in Singapore




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Singapore – In response to allegations of malpractice made against Imperial Pets, a Singapore-based pet store, the owner noted that it takes a lot of knowledge and responsibility for families to become pet owners, citing negligence on the part of the customer which led to the puppy’s skin condition.

On Thursday (Sept 11), a certain Del Phua took to social media to share their experience with purchasing a puppy from Imperial Pets. Ms Phua went into detail why they do not recommend the store, mentioning non-professional service from the company.

The puppy named Money developed rashes, lumps and dander after being brought home from the store. Ms Phua shared that the seller had allegedly warned them not to use the medicated cream or shampoo provided by the vet as “it’s poison, and if the dog licks it, it will die of poisoning.” Instead, the seller recommended to use “999” soap and to give Money lots of fluids to flush out the toxins.

After getting a second opinion from another vet and other pet sellers, it was confirmed that Money’s condition was severe. The lumps were scabies and ringworm, both a highly-contagious skin parasite that requires veterinarian intervention.

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The Independent Singapore was able to get in touch with Mr Goh, the owner of Imperial Pets, on Monday (Sept 21), for a statement. Mr Goh, as a pet owner and pet lover himself, shared that Money was handed over in good condition as all of their dogs for sale came from authorised breeders in Singapore. He noted that any legal pet shop would not sell a sick dog to anyone.

Furthermore, he shared photos of another puppy from the same batch, or Money’s sibling, a few weeks after transfer of ownership to show that the dog was healthy. If they had contagious health conditions, the entire litter would be affected, said Mr Goh.

Photo of Money provided by Mr Goh on the first day after purchase

The pet store also clarified their side in a comment on Ms Phua’s post, noting negligence on the part of the owner for wrapping Money in layers of towels when the rashes developed. “This is a very irresponsible act for a dog owner to commit as it will only worsen the condition of the rash. We as the retailer when made aware of this situation by the owner herself, offered her to leave Money in our care for two weeks to treat Money’s condition free-of-charge to which the owner also rejected,” the pet store added.

Photo: FB screengrab

Facebook user Jei Yun commented that as a previous customer of Imperial Pets, they could attest to the “good advice” and aftersales service provided by the seller. “To be fair to all parties and to not malign the shop, if the pup was handed over without certain diseases or conditions, and they were contracted in your care, then it cannot be blamed on them,” said Jei Yun.

Photo: FB screengrab

Photo: FB screengrab

Ms Gina Lim, the new owner of Money’s sibling, also confirmed the kind of service they received from the pet shop.

Photo: FB screengrab

Mr Goh wishes to urge new pet owners and pet lovers to consider the responsibility that comes with buying a dog. “It takes a lot of knowledge and responsibility to get a dog,” he noted.

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