Asia Malaysia Netizens blast Mahathir for political 'principles' and for backstabbing Anwar's party

Netizens blast Mahathir for political ‘principles’ and for backstabbing Anwar’s party

Twitter user, Fadzilah Mamat @FadzilahMamat who has more than 4000 followers, was commenting on a Malaysiakini article on Azmin's presence at the Bersatu meet




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Malaysian Prime Tun Dr Mahathir was taken to task by a Twitter user who questioned the Malaysian leader’s political principles claiming he is not showing leadership qualities while other users attacked the elderly statesman for tolerating ‘backstabbing’ within the ruling coalition.

The user titled the post as follows, ‘The question of Azmin joining Bersatu should not even be raised,’ adding that Mahathir should not even encourage it (that is allowing a rogue minister from a coalition to sit with Mahathir in the PM’s party meeting).

The said minister has so far refused to attend his own party meetings claiming heavy ministerial duties but took the freedom to attend Dr Mahathir’s party (the Bersatu party) meeting without the knowledge of his party, the Justice Party headed by Ibrahim.

The user also wrote: “It is like stabbing your own coalition partner. Mahathir, if he wants to show leadership qualities, should first uphold his principles.”

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The user,  Fadzilah Mamat @FadzilahMamat who has more than 4000 followers, was commenting on a Malaysiakini article on Azmin’s presence at the Bersatu meet.

The Malaysiakini story is accompanied by a picture showing Dr Mahathir sitting on the ground together with the Minister of Home Affairs Muhyiddin Hassan (Bersatu president) next to him and Azmin. They are laughing and seemed happy to be together.

But this did not go down well with some netizens who concurred with Fadzillah.

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One user who goes by the handle My , My Way. You don’t have to like it wrote “Upholds principles only when it suits him” and another user Ismet Ulam Raja said “With all ‘frogs’ hopping into Mahathir’s party, do you think he even knows the meaning of the word principles? Whatever benefits him.”

There are more users who did not make tame or nice comments on their perception of Dr Mahathir’s lack of political principles.

One user said, “Principles…. is there such a thing now in ?” and another one said, “When the seasoned and experienced leader don’t have it,(sic) can’t expect much from others.”

Another one predicted that with Anwar as Prime Minister, “Azmin can kiss his political career goodbye. By taking Azmin under his wing, at least Bersatu can gain from his supporters. Wah, like watching GoT laaa ?”

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Another user said Azmin should join Bersatu where he has a better chance to become PM after Dr Mahathir.

Mahathir has downplayed the presence of the Justice Party’s deputy president Azmin Ali at his party’s third- event.

The Bersatu chairman said his party sent invitations to many prominent leaders of the Pakatan Harapan coalition but Azmin was the sole PH representative during the prayer event.

Dr Mahathir teased the reporters saying Azmin did not make any application to join his party but if there is an application we will consider it.

Azmin, who is facing a gay-sex  scandal, is said to be mulling his exit from the Justice Party where he failed in an intricate bid to dethrone Anwar and bid for the PM post instead.

Anwar has denied any rift within the party or with Azmin and said Azmin is free to attend any party meetings, adding that the people will draw their own conclusions on the latter’s moves. -/TISGFollow us on

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