Asia Malaysia M’sian takes a 25,000km road trip over 98 days to Germany to...

M’sian takes a 25,000km road trip over 98 days to Germany to wed the love of his life

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From Malaysia to Europe, Engku Mohammad Hadri Engku Hassan plans to cross China, Mongolia, Latvia, and Russia,in a Toyota AE86

Kuala Lumpur – A man from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has set out on an adventure to drive across 25 countries, over 25,000km in 98 days, to wed his fiancée in Germany.

Meet Engku Mohammad Hadri Engku Hassan and his endearing love story that literally knows no bounds.

On August 19 (Monday), Hadri began his journey to be with the love of his life who is currently countries away.

From Malaysia to Europe, Hadri plans to cross China, Mongolia, Latvia, and Russia, to name a few countries, in a Toyota AE86.

The vehicle was specifically picked for its durability on extended rides, not to mention its eye-catching vintage looks.

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Hadri, 34, met his fiancée online back in 2007 and became well-acquainted before meeting in real life.

“Differences in language was never an issue for him (Hadri),” shared Hadri’s friend Lim Wai Hong on his Facebook page which featured the love story.

Two years after their first meeting, Hadri flew back to Germany to declare his love for the lucky lady with a simple rose and a letter.

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“She burst into tears, and they were together ever since.”

A few years later and the two got engaged.

Hadri, who is a true romantic at heart, got the idea of travelling to Europe by car in 2018.

While everyone thought he was crazy, the car enthusiast began planning the trip, sourcing for sponsors and contacting different Tourism Ministries to make his journey a little easier.

“Making this world tour by car requires an immense amount of research, dedication, positivity, and sacrifices,” shared the post.

On August 21 (Thursday), Hadri crossed Thai borders and has kept everyone updated on the journey via the @ae86worldtour Instagram account.

Hadri recently made a stop for gas before heading to Hua Hin, Thailand and noted that he would be driving 450km that day.

“He wants to show his fiancée he is doing this for her and it’s how much he’s willing to sacrifice – it’s a beautiful love story,” share Lim to Malay Mail.

According to Bernama, the trip is estimated to cost RM250,000 (S$83,000). Sponsors funded part of the tour.

Tourism Malaysia also assisted the team, Hadri, and his two co-drivers, with visa-related matters to make their trip more efficient.

Hadri’s trip, “The Retro Havoc Motorsport World Tour,” also serves as a way to promote the Visit Malaysia Year 2020 (VM2020) initiative at every destination. -/TISG

Mr Hadri's 25,000km (corrected) journey from Malaysia to Europe in his AE86 begins today (19 August 2019)! He was…

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