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Ms Fu, is this the kind of foreigners you want to “supplement” us with?




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At a dialogue session with students and residents in Tampines 2 years ago, Grace Fu told everyone that she supports importing foreigners into Singapore “to supplement” Singaporeans (http://bit.ly/2iVPIyq).

“Actually if you look at the population growth of Singapore, we have been having quite low growth for some time already,” she said. “In fact, since the late 80s and 90s, it has been below our replacement level. So I think it has been part of our strategy to be supplemented by foreigners, both from a population point of view and also to supplement the workforce.”

She is essentially saying that since Singaporeans are not producing enough babies, the govt would “supplement” us with more imported foreigners.

Well, going by recent events, it seems that to meet its own objectives, the PAP govt is importing all kinds of “interesting” foreigners, including the very “entrepreneurial” ones to “supplement” us with.

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On Tue (17 Jan), the Chinese news media reported that a HDB unit was turned into a provision shop, selling things like duck blood and spicy rabbit meat (http://bit.ly/2juRk66).

After being tipped off by members of the public, the Chinese newspaper sent in a reporter pretending to be a customer to investigate. The reporter found that not only duck blood and spicy rabbit meat (麻辣兔肉) were sold in the HDB flat, other grocery stuff like vegetables, grapes and tomatoes were also sold. The lady boss running the “shop” told the reporter that she also sells duck necks, duck intestines, wine snails etc, stuff that typically PRCs would consume.

Shin Min Daily reported that the lady boss came from China. The report triggered investigation by the authorities. AVA said that importing of animal blood is prohibited in Singapore. Most of the goods were later confiscated by the AVA to assist in the investigation.

After the authorities commenced their investigation, the PRC woman then approached the Chinese papers, claiming that the boxes of food items in her flat are for her own consumption as well as for her friends. She said her friends purchased the numerous China food products and had them delivered to her flat “out of convenience”. She even claimed that she suffers from a unique illness which requires “special” food products to cure her illness.

No doubt, PAP people like Grace Fu would be more than happy to believe in the PRC woman’s story and want more of them to come here to “supplement” us.

If this is the kind of foreigners that PAP wants, why stop at “provision shop” owners? They can also get “entrepreneurial” foreigners to come here and open bars, salons, restaurants, massage parlors in our HDB flats too. Very soon, you will be seeing a lot of rats and cockroaches running along the corridors as well as up and down the stairs of our HDB flats!

Republished from the Facebook page ‘We want Minister Fu to resign‘.

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