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Man from Johor Bahru says he had a toilet emergency at Singapore immigration, ends up accused of illegal entry




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A netizen who goes by Jaymes Ban on Facebook took to the social media site to recount how needing to use the bathroom at an immigration office in Singapore caused him to get a letter accusing him of illegal entry into the country.

On December 19, Wednesday, Ban wrote that he had been stuck in an hour-long traffic jam on his way to work when he suddenly experienced stomach pains and needed to use the toilet.

Because of the heavy traffic and the urgent need to use the toilet, he decided to get out of the vehicle he was riding and just walk to the checkpoint in order to find a restroom. He did not, however, indicate at which checkpoint he was.

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He then met up with an immigration official and was reportedly told by the man to “settle” his stomach ache.

Ban wrote, “He only reluctantly brought me to a toilet later on, and gave me five minutes to finish my business.”

However, Ban’s troubles were not over after he had relieved himself. Officials took him to an office at the checkpoint and gave him a letter that accused him of illegal entry in Singapore.

“I was taken to the (immigration) office and was handed a letter accusing me of illegal entry.”

Ban was told by officials to return to Malaysia before he could re-enter Singapore.

He ended his post warning people not to use the restroom at immigration checkpoints. “If you’re having a stomach ache, don’t walk to Singapore’s immigration checkpoint. Walk back to Malaysia’s checkpoint instead. Don’t let Singaporean officers embarrass and detain (you) before letting you return to Malaysia.”

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