Business & Economy Startups Malaysian health communication platform MedPlanner aims to raise US$362K through equity crowdfunding...

Malaysian health communication platform MedPlanner aims to raise US$362K through equity crowdfunding campaign




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Using Ata Plus equity crowdfunding platform, MedPlanner aims to connect clinician with patients on its platform 

Clarification: The earlier version of this article stated that MedPlanner has completed its fundraising process. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Originally hailing from the UK, Malaysian medtech startup MedPlanner Sdn Bhd today announced their crowdfunding campaign in Ata Plus’ platform, with the goal to raise MYR1.5 million (US$362,000).

The fund will be used on the company’s growth and expansion plans.

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The company was founded by Dr. Ezam Mat-Ali, a consultant paediatrician at the London
North West Healthcare. Backed with data worth of 10 years research from its UK’s early users, the platform provides clinicians and patients with tech-enabled solution that helps combating healthcare inefficiency due to poor communication.

In its official statement, the company shared a number of medical malpractice in Harvard Medical Institutions report that reaches 23,000 between 2009 and 2013, with 20 per cent of the cases involved a poor and scattered communication. It reportedly costed US$1.7 billion loss and 1,700 patient deaths.

Even with the choices of digital communication in a smartphone convenience such as WhatsApp, the nature of these messaging apps are too broad that it doesn’t warrant a security over health information and violate Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA). As a result, in 2016, the Ministry of Health has banned the use of Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and blogs to discuss patients.

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Dr. Mat-Ali then started his research in 2009 and began developing the first simulation training to improve clinical communication through the use of high-fidelity digital technology.

“We offer the first all-in-one clinical communication platform allowing for collaboration between
clinicians around the world to promote better communication and coordination in patient care
delivery. Clinicians can easily share results, receive feedback on patient progress, and discuss
multiple cases concurrently with their team,” said Dr. Mat Ali, co-founder and CEO of MedPlanner.

In 2017, with a team of software analysts and developers, a basic web-based prototype was developed in the UK to enable virtual team discussions of patient cases. The data gathered from the first prototype has shown that clinical communication has significantly improved with a revenue of MYR2.7 mil (US$656,000) due to higher efficiency, reduction in running costs, and better patient care.

Using blockchain technology, MedPlanner app is secure and compliant with regulators. The app also incorporates a bulletin featuring information from health authorities, organisations and professional bodies.

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“With over one million patient-related messages each day being processed over non-compliant chat apps in Malaysia’s public hospitals, we are in a position to bring our solution into Malaysia’s healthcare delivery market,” added Dr. Ezam.

Right now, the company’s goal is to improve clinical communication by combining high-fidelity digital technology with clinical expertise. They seek to expand to five countries by 2020.

Image Credit: MedPlanner

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