An employer of a domestic worker took to social media asking if she needed to pay for her maid’s flight ticket back if the latter misbehaved.

In an anonymous post to Facebook group FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum), the employer wrote that her maid’s contract was terminated because the latter misbehaved. She added that the contract was terminated because of the maid’s own doing and it was because the maid would steal from the family, mishandle their children and even stay out at night with her boyfriend.

Taking to social media, the employer explained that her maid was not under any agency. As such, she asked if she needed to pay for her maid’s flight ticket to send her back home.

Many who responded to her post said that she did need to pay for her maid’s flight back unless she made a police report with evidence of her maid’s wrongdoings.

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In the comments section, the employer explained: “We put up this post because we didnt report to the police. We have evidence.this evidence we share with her too.We are trying not to ruin her future by reporting her.she is young, we hope she learn from this mistake”.

The employer continued: “She stole a couple of hundreds from my son’s piggy bank. Caught on camera. She also pinched my daughter (2 years old) on her thighs (visible marks) while feeding her because my girl is a slow eater and chewer. Both instances happen only once, caught on camera”.

In her post, the employer wrote that when she confronted the maid about her behaviour, she apologised at first but then started going out after 10pm and staying out with her boyfriend at a hotel only to come back at 4am the next morning.

“How we know? Because her phone broke and she borrowed my eldest daughter ipad to message her boyf and plan this. She deleted thereafter but my daughter sync messages to a couple of her other ipads so that the message was not deleted on the other ipads. Again, hard cold evidence”, the employer wrote.

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In an update, the employer wrote that she reported the situation to the Manpower Ministry (MOM). She also bought her maid’s flight ticket, cancelled her work permit and sent her back. “A police report would mean offering the time and energy for investigations, and then gotta wait, etc…we dont have a time luxury with 3 kids on hand”, she explained.