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Lost charms, black magic await Malaysia’s anti-graft body in Tuesday’s Rosmah grilling




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Will there be any bizarre black magic rituals on Rosmah’s D-day at anti-graft grilling? This is what many Malaysians are casually joking about.

Some say Rosmah still has some ‘magic’ left in her and they ask whether the anti-graft body will fall for it?

The mixing of Rosmah’s long lost charm – when was a younger and liked citizen – with recent accusations of bizarre rituals has earned her the acronym of ‘the black magic woman’.

And she is stuck with it for the rest of her life, says most Malaysians.

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Whatever the outcome for Rosmah at the MACC and the potential court that will follow, the dark image she projected will remain engraved in the public mind.

The allegations of black magic on Rosmah started when one of her associates, Deepak Jaiskishan. The latter accused the powerful woman of having no conscience.

“She has an insatiable appetite for wealth,” said Deepak.

The most incredible part of the allegations made by Deepak was that the ex-prime minister’s wife allegedly cast spells on numerous people.

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They include her husband Najib Razak, former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the latter’s son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin.

And that is not the end of it.

According to her one-time confidant, Rosmah, whom he then termed as the country’s “prime minister”, could not put a spell on then former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

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He said that was “because the latter has his own protection.”

Will the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission or MACC be under the spell of the fallen Flom?

From the time these allegations were made by Deepak, the people’s perception of Rosmah is deep-rooted in her ‘jampi’ power.

Jampi means the act of doing black magic on a person in Malay.

But in 2018, the ‘jampi’ power may have taken a different meaning.

Or Dr Mahathir calls it ‘dedak’ or having eaten from someone hands thus turning them into loyal followers of the hand that fed them.

Could the ‘jampi’ power or the so-called black magic rituals be the power of the money that bought allegiance to the famous couple?

The black magic did not work on Dr Mahathir they said. However, it is not even possible – given the history of the elderly leader – to buy him over with money.


When Najib and Rosmah met with Anwar Ibrahim at a hospital in Kuala Lumpur, rumours were that the odd couple offered an alliance between Umno and the PKR.

Anwar was serving his 5-year jail sentence at the time of Najib’s visit. It appears that any possible attempts at ‘jampi’ or black magic rituals did not work on Anwar.

Najib did call Anwar twice to about the alliance offer the night the house of cards was falling apart for the Barisan Nasional regime headed by Najib.

Anwar said he only listened to Najib talking about the ‘alliance’ and advised Najib to concede defeat.

Henceforth, the newly installed anti-graft heroes at the MACC will probably have a hard time to get Rosmah to divulge the truth about the SRC International.

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