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Lim Tean’s party a sinking ship? Key members allegedly quit, supporters’ donations returned

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Former party member Brad Bowyer briefly speaks to TISG about his resignation and aims.

Issues with donations now leaked through a public email may be sinking the ship of the People’s Voice Party (PVP), the opposition party that was started by ambitious veteran politician Lim Tean.

Based on an article in Redwiretimes, the email alleges that: “many people are leaving the party cus of this money management thing, not sure if Ang Mo Bower left because of this.”

The Independent Singapore (TISG) reached out to former PVP member Brad Bowyer who had resigned from the party on Mar 24 after he had been appointed by Lim as PVP’s “Shadow National Development Minister” on Mar 17.

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Bowyer declined to comment at length and instead stated briefly, “Not heard anything about it and I have not been associated with them for almost 2 months now so cant really say much about what else they may be doing as I have no visibility”.

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According to the widely-circulating email as well as party donors, then-secretary had returned donors their money without having given them clear reasons. Following this, she had also resigned from the party.

When TISG asked Bowyer for comment on the donations debacle, he explained, “That was back in January. One of the volunteers apparently got over-zealous and started raising funds of their own accord without PV knowledge, approval or proper accounting. They were (the then-secretary’s) friend so when we found out and asked the person to return the monies collected she helped out”.

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When asked if he sees a future back with the People’s Voice Party (PVP), Brad said, “I don’t see that happening. Their style is very different from mine plus I am more focused on coalition building and helping the alternatives as a whole for now”.

PVP chief Lim Tean recently faced a private dispute over a S$150,000 loan from businessman Huang Min who resorted to filing a bankruptcy application against Lim.

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Huang’s application was withdrawn after Lim repaid the debt./TISG


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