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Leon Perera teams up with Makansutra Gluttons Bay for Vesak Day meal at Serangoon North Ave 1

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"And I'm very grateful for our amazing, tireless volunteer team for coming along today to help organize this... You folks are inspirational!" he wrote

SINGAPORE: In honour of Vesak Day last Friday (June 2), Workers’ Party MP Leon Perera (Aljunied GRC) teamed up with Makansutra Gluttons Bay at Esplanade to treat Serangoon North Ave 1 residents to a vegetarian meal.

Mr Perera, who has been representing Serangoon in Parliament since 2020, wrote that the meal had been made possible by Makansutra Gluttons Bay’s “wonderful team” led by no less than Makansutra founder, food guru, and in the words of the MP, “one of our national treasures, hawker advocate KF Seetoh.”

As Mr Perera is out of the country at present, the food distribution activity had been organized by the “amazing, tireless volunteer team,” who assist in such initiatives.

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The Aljnunied GRC MP thanked them in his post, adding, “You folks are inspirational!”

“Vesak is a day when practising Buddhists remember the Dhamma teachings, the core of which is recognizing cause and effect (dependent origination) in the world and even in our own hearts and minds; training our minds to chip away at unhealthy attachments; and letting that open up a path to freedom from the suffering that attachment causes, which makes possible a life of purpose, meaning and principle. #aljuniedgrc #specialserangoon #vesakday,” added Mr Perera.

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His fellow WP MPs, Mr Pritam Singh (Aljunied GRC) and Mr Dennis Tan (Hougang SMC) returned from a Hougang constituency trip ahead of Mr Perera, arriving in Singapore just ahead of Vesak Day weekend.

Along with 130 residents, they had gone on a five-day, four-night trip to Betong and Penang.

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Mr Singh, the WP Chief and Leader of the Opposition, posted photos of the trip on Facebook late on Thursday night (June 1), giving somewhat of a history lesson about Betong, a town in southern Thailand near the Malaysian border, which Mr Singh noted is less well-known to Singaporeans than the more familiar Penang. /TISG

Pritam Singh & Dennis Tan back from Betong & Penang trip in time for Vesak weekend

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