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Lee Hsien Yang fires salvo at AGC for “wasting public resources on private matter”




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Singapore’s founding Prime Minister’s youngest son continued speaking up against the actions the Attorney General Chambers’ (AGC) has taken against his wife today. In a Facebook post, Mr Lee asked, what public interest is being served by the AGC and why the office was wasting public resources on a private matter, and after all this time.

“Why is the AGC rushing this in 2019 when the facts were known by all parties for years?”, he asked.

In referring to 5 cases the AGC has referred to the Law Society, Mr Lee said none of the cases waited 5-years before being flagged, and that none involved a private will. He asked why the AGC has not answered his family’s questions, and reminded that it “is unprecedented for AGC to refer a matter involving a private will, especially where parties have had legal representation.”

In his Facebook message, he asked his elder brother and the Prime Minister of Singapore to lodge a complaint as a private citizen if he has a problem with their father’s will.

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Yesterday, Mr Lee took a dig at Attorney-General Lucien Wong, whose office has acted against his wife, Lee Suet Fern, and his eldest son, Li Shengwu, in two separate cases.

In 2017, the AGC initiated legal action against Li Shengwu over a private Facebook post.

This past Sunday, it was revealed that the AGC filed a 500-page complaint to the Law Society against Lee Suet Fern, for her possible role in drafting founding Prime Minister and her father-in-law Lee Kuan Yew’s last will when her husband is one of the beneficiaries.

Lee Hsien Yang has vehemently denied the claim that his wife drafted his father’s will and called on the AGC to release their full correspondence with his wife after the authority claimed that Lee Suet Fern has not offered clarification to their questions.


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