Business & Economy Startups Learn about the future of capital at Echelon Asia Summit 2019!

Learn about the future of capital at Echelon Asia Summit 2019!




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Understanding how investors operate is key to understand the startup ecosystem. So learn more at Echelon Asia Summit 2019!

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One of the interesting parts of the startup world is that conversations surround investment just as much as startups and entrepreneurs.

Obviously, this is a world of business so we need money to function, but from a macro perspective watching how investors operate provides insights into the future of the startup industry.

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A couple of years ago, it seemed inevitable that Southeast Asia would see a tidal wave of cash coming from China. Then geopolitical events, domestic politics and a bumpy year in China’s startup industry forced the country’s startup scene to look inwards. Yes, China still has a keen eye towards Southeast Asia, but the levels do not match what seemed inevitable just 12-14 month ago.

So what is really happening?

Southeast Asian funds are getting larger, corporates are getting more involved (in some countries) and even former-startups have their own investment arms (Go-Jek, Grab). Plus, more and more companies are turning towards family offices, private offices and high-net-worth-individuals to raise their cash.

At Echelon, we are going to get into the nitty gritty of the investment world.

For example, one session is titled, “The burden of Face; The reality of politics and relationship building within the ecosystem.” In Southeast Asia, relationships are just as important to raising money as product, and we will sit down to discuss the pros and cons of this fact.

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We also have AMAs with investors like Michael Smith Jr. from Seedplus and Eddie Thai from 500 Startups. This should be a fun session. We are going to integrate live audience questions and to let attendees be the star of the talk. The investors are ready to answer any of your questions — so let’s bring it!

We will also discuss alternative investing (are ICOs still a thing??), what is in store for the B2C industry and how to navigate the Indonesian market.

Plus much more!!

Looking forward to learning more about the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem? Register for Echelon here!

Have you booked your ticket yet? Use the code ECHELONFUTURE to secure yours.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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