Business & Economy Startups Last year TOP100 gave away over S$100,000 worth in prizes. Expect more...

Last year TOP100 gave away over S$100,000 worth in prizes. Expect more this year!




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We aim to provide value to the ecosystem by providing avenues whereby startups can tap onto more regional opportunities along their journey

Already know you are going to win this year’s competition? Apply here! There are many intangible benefits to the TOP100 programme, which we think makes it the best startup pitching competition in Asia.

Cash prizes can only get you so far but TOP100 is providing you access to exclusive programmes that provides you with the network to take your business to the next level. It provides an opportunity for an in-depth pitch in front of the region’s top investors, followed by networking sessions called Echelon Roadshows and the winners will present their company in front of thousands at Echelon Asia Summit 2019.

That being said, there are also concrete reasons to compete in this year’s competition: Over S$100,000 (US$75,000) worth of prizes!

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Last year, we gave out two S$50,000 grants from Startup SG that also came with a fast track pass to SLINGSHOT@SWITCH last year.

Web in Travel chose one winner from the finals and brought them to a boot camp programme at Marina Bay Sands — with flights and accommodations provided.

While the prizes this year will be slightly different, we are expecting a similar level at an equivalent value — if not more!

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There are also smaller prizes along the way that don’t require winning the whole shebang.

Whether it is free hot desks at notable co-working spaces or free exhibition at Echelon, even winning a TOP100 regional competition could bag awards worth S$3,000 (US$2,222).

This is one way TOP100 is working to provide value to the community. Yes, connections are important. Yes, it is crucial to get your name out there and, yes, a lot of startups receive follow-on investment.

But, one part of running a startup is finding places to save every possible buck. Winning these prizes can go a long way to add value to your entrepreneurial journey without spending a ton of cash.

Looking forward to to being the next TOP100 champion? Apply here!

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