Reality star Kourtney Kardashian, 41 just promoted her daughter Penelope to be the new president of her lifestyle brand Poosh. The seven-year-old got the promotion after interrupting her mother’s meeting with her co-workers. Penelope was the guest star for Kourtney’s Wellness Wednesday video. Everybody was asked to introduce themselves and when it was Penelope’s turn, Kourtney asked her for her name. When Penelope replied, Kourtney then announced that her daughter is the president and muse of Poosh.

Her daughter squirmed in her seat next to her mother on the sofa and grinned as Kourtney hugged her and presented her the promotion. Looking comfortable in a yellow hoodie, Kourtney asked everyone to introduce themselves and share about life in lockdown as well as answering questions from fans. The Poosh founder also took the advantage to squash pregnancy rumours. Kourtney shares three children with ex Scott Disick, with Mason, 10, Reign, five along with Penelope. She was asked if she was pregnant again based on a skimpy photo she uploaded on Instagram.

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This photo of Kourtney Kardashian had fans asking if she was pregnant. Picture: Instagram

A fan also asked Kourtney how does the Poosh founder preserve her mental health from cyberbullying. She replied that she does see a lot of negativity but there is also so much positivity and that people tend to focus on the negative. For her, the negative questions stand out to her and she wants to respond to those people sometimes more than the positive ones and she said it is not fair.

The reality star said that she saw someone left a comment saying that Kourtney is pregnant and she responded that this is the shape of her body and that she had gained weight during the lockdown. She loves her body and is proud of her shape. She added that since she posted it she does not think she looks pregnant at all. Kourtney then said that everyone is shaped differently and that it is her body and she is proud of it.

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She said that that is how she responds to negative comments and that it is not always easy. Sometimes she can be more sarcastic and she ‘kills them with kindness’. She tries not to let the comments impact her but if they do then she does not look at the comments. Kourtney then said that it is easier said than done but she wants to be positive for her mental health. /TISG