Entertainment Celebrity Kim Kardashian's nanny thinks Kanye West cannot handle fame and fortune

Kim Kardashian’s nanny thinks Kanye West cannot handle fame and fortune

‘I honestly do not think Kanye is all bad, I just think if he suffers from bipolar,' says the nanny




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In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Pam Behan, Kim Kardashian’s childhood nanny said the latter’s late father Robert would have supported her divorce to Kanye West.

Behan opens up as rumours swirled that Kardashian, 40 is on the verge of divorcing West after six years of marriage. Behan, 52 spent eight years caring for the Kardashian siblings in the 1900s. She said that even though they quarrel on TV, the family will come together to back Kim Kardashian in her time of need.

Mother-of-one Behan, who now works as a financial advisor and lives in Aberdeen, South Dakota, said: ‘Kim has just turned 40 and she now might become a single mom but she’s an ‘overcomer’ and she was like that as a child.

‘There may be some tough days ahead, but I know she will come out shining.

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‘I had a pretty good relationship with Kim’s dad, Robert Kardashian, we were friends.’

‘I know that he would not want her to be unhappy and he would want the best for her happiness and wellbeing, for Kim and her kids.

‘I’m behind her if she’s had enough, and obviously, I think she’s had enough. There’s a breaking point.

‘I think her mom Kris and her siblings will all be there for her 100%.

‘On the show, they argue and fight, but one thing about them is they stick together, especially during tough times.

‘The entire family has had tough stuff happening while in the public eye and with everybody watching, which makes things so much more difficult.

‘Not only are they going through a hard time, but the entire world is watching them and that can be humiliating.

‘I just feel like Kim needs all the support she can get right now, and I feel her family will definitely be there for her.’

In 1991, Behan started working with the Kardashians when Kim Kardashian was 10. The nanny later wrote about her experience with the family in a tell-all memoir called Malibu Nanny. Reports say Kardashian has hired divorce attorney Laura Wasser to begin settlement talks with West, 43.

This is following several outbursts where the rapper and fashion designer was perceived to have publicly humiliated his wife by discussing deeply personal issues in public.

The Kardashian children were taken care of by nanny Pam Behan. Picture: Instagram

Behan said: ‘I give Kim a lot of credit for trying to make things work as long as she did despite some really difficult times.

‘There’s things that all of us know about Kanye because he’s put it out there for the whole world to see.

‘Some of the comments he’s made, I just really can’t imagine what Kim’s been through.

‘I feel like at this point she’s tried to make things work but things are not changing and at some point, if he’s not going to change, she’s got to.

‘Not only for her sake but for the sake of the kids.


‘I honestly do not think Kanye is all bad, I just think if he suffers from bipolar and he’s not on meds like he should be, it’s a sickness that affects everybody who is around it.

‘There’s probably other issues at hand that I’m not aware of, but that in and of itself is huge.

‘You can’t make somebody change, they have got to want to.

‘This has been going on long enough so Kanye knows the necessary steps to take to make things better.’

‘It just seems to me that he is choosing not to take those steps, and that says a lot.

‘I truly feel bad for Kanye because he has a sickness and I don’t think this is what he wanted, but I do feel there is a very good part to him.

‘The whole thing really is pretty sad.’

Kardashian has shared about her father Robert in the past, seeing him not just as a father but as a friend. Robert died of cancer at the age of 59.

The reality star is trying to follow in his footsteps to take the bar exam to be a lawyer while she campaigns for prison reform. On Kardashian’s 40th birthday, West gifted Kardashian a custom-made hologram of her late parent in which Robert’s likeness described West as ‘the most, most, most, most, most genius man in the whole world’.

Despite Kardashian publicly tweeting that she and her family were touched by the gesture, netizens said that it is creepy and inappropriate.

Behan said she believes that a split with West could actually have a silver lining if it pushes Kardashian to achieve her dreams.

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