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Jolovan Wham sentenced to 16 days’ jail in default of fine in illegal assembly case

Ilegal assembly conviction for Jolovan though the Singapore Police Force said they had forewarned him that he would need a police permit to hold the indoor public assembly




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Local community worker Jolovan Wham was today sentenced to 16 days imprisonment in default of a $3,200 fine, for organising an assembly without a police permit and for refusing to sign a police statement regarding the case.

The illegal assembly conviction relates to a forum on civil disobedience and democracy, that Wham had organised.

Wham and local activists Kirsten Han and Seelan Palay spoke at the discussion, that also saw the involvement of Hong Kong youth activist Joshua Wong who appeared at the gathering via Skype.

In an earlier statement, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) said that it had contacted Wham before the event to inform him that he would need to apply for a police permit, under the Public Order Act, to hold an indoor public assembly featuring a foreign speaker.

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SPF said that Wham contravened laws by proceeding to hold the event without a police permit.

Wham later refused to sign a police statement, on the basis that he was not given a copy of the statement that he had given to the police.

The activist was found guilty of holding an illegal assembly and for not signing the police statement on 3 Jan.

Today, he was sentenced to a $2,000 fine or 10 days jail for illegally organising a public assembly without a police permit and $1,200 or 6 days jail for not signing a police statement.

Wham reportedly opted for the default imprisonment of 16 days. He is, however, appealing the conviction and was granted bail with a bond of $8,000.

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