One thing that is remarkable about Jennifer Aniston is that she looks ageless, even though the popular Friends star has just turned 50. She still maintains her youthful looks as if she was 20 years old. She is one of the few celebrities who appear to never age.

Although it looks effortless, Aniston does follow a regime to remain young. Following a normal diet and exercise advice such as sleeping well, drinking a lot of water, eating real food and always moisturise, it is no magic.

The actress also workouts regularly making her glow from inside out.

To stay in shape, Aniston selects her foods and eliminate certain foods.

The Friends star used to get on the bandwagon of trendy weight-loss fads. Now with a personal cook and useful nutrition tips, she has a new mindset about food.

She shared with Glamour magazine that she feeds herself with real food that is delicious and truly life-sustaining.

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She stopped consuming the occasional piece of cheese, overcooked takeouts and prepackaged Zone meals.

Her fridge is always stocked with raw vegetables, which she considers to be crucial.

Instead of chocolate bars, she is prepared with healthy foods in the fridge.  Aniston shared with Yahoo! Food that she keeps cut raw vegetables in a Tupperware container. Protein like hard-boiled eggs, and pulled chicken are also stored together with butter lettuce.

You can either make a salad or eat these ingredients separately.

The Friends star eats well most of the time, indulging when the craving strikes. She likes Mexican food and is ‘powerless’ to resist the temptation of homemade tortilla chips with guacamole. She also loves salsa on everything and Mexican food in general.

Aniston does not follow strict rules for her diet but she indulges once in a while.

You will never find these two foods in her house.

She does not like beets or caviar. She said that the taste of caviar cannot be acquired although most might disagree. /TISG

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