International Asia Japanese man fills bathtub with curry rice and fulfils dream

Japanese man fills bathtub with curry rice and fulfils dream

The man revealed that the project took almost four hours to cook and “tub” everything and cost about 5,000 yen (S$65.50).




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Tokyo – A Japanese man made his dream into a reality by filling an entire bathtub with curry rice, much to the admiration of the online community.

On Sunday (Mar 8), a Twitter account under the name @tsutomaru (2torm) uploaded a couple of photos of his accomplishment in what appeared to be a bathtub filled to the brim with a Japanese favourite – curry rice. The photo, which is quite pleasing to see, featured the perfectly divided delicacy, with curry and all its beef, carrot and potato bits on one side and Japanese rice on the other.

To top things off, the creator even included some trays of pickles and bottles of soy sauce on the side. At the corner was a pail with a note that said: “Please eat with this.”

Photo: Twitter screengrab/@2torm

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Photo: Twitter screengrab/@2torm

While it may seem that the man must have been impulsive in patronising such a crazy idea, the project was actually carefully planned. First, he shared that he had been getting dreams of a bathtub filled with Japanese curry rice and had a feeling that it would not subside until fulfilled.

He then carefully lined the bathtub with aluminium foil to keep the curry from staining the tub and covered the bathroom floor with plastic wrap.

Netizens shared their surprise and amazement at the post which garnered over 47,900 retweets and 189,400 likes. @toadamemogura commented that the whole endeavour was amazing and the passion to accomplish it was on a different level. Others hinted that they were suddenly hungry.

“I belong to the group that puts the rice on the left. This is impossible,” said @tamago_no_tmg, who treated things quite seriously. Others jokingly suggested rotating the bath while the creator explained that he decided on putting the rice on the left because it was his dominant side.

“You’re an idiot (meant as a compliment),” said one netizen to which the creator commented, “Thank you very much. In the future, I want to continue being a fool with good manners.”

Others asked if he also took a bath in the curry since this was perhaps the next logical thing to do. However, @2torm replied that it was difficult to do so. He did add that soy sauce instead of shampoo with pickles in a soap holder and a spoon for a pail would have completed the picture.

@2torm revealed that the project took almost four hours to cook and “tub” everything and cost about 5,000 yen (S$65.50). He also shared that the photo was taken ten years ago when he just moved in to his new apartment, which was a smart choice because Japanese apartments are thoroughly cleaned by professionals before the next tenant.

The curry rice bounty was consumed by the man and his three friends, shared the Twitter user. @2torm admitted that he is thinking about making another batch. Perhaps his curry dreams have returned?

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