Business & Economy Gadgets Is this a Galaxy S10+ prototype leak?

Is this a Galaxy S10+ prototype leak?




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On December 9, Sunday, a photo of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus appeared on the Facebook page and website of Slashleaks, or (also stylized as /Leaks.)

Slashleaks’ main mission is to “help people discover tech leaks,” and it calls itself “The definitive source where to share, track, rate and talk leaks that are spreading all over the Internets every day.”

Hype over the Galaxy S10 has been growing over the past few weeks and months, especially since Samsung’s flagship phone supposed to have the innovative Infinity-O display—a continuous screen from end to end, without bezels, and with no notches for a front-facing camera either, with “higher screen-to-body ratio than ever before.” In fact, Samsung already launched a phone with the Infinity-O display in China, the new Galaxy A8.

Industry experts expect the Galaxy S10 to be launched in late February of next year, which makes the hype build-up understandable. The phones should be available for purchasing shortly afterward.

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But if the leaked photo is legitimate, Samsung fans may just be in for somewhat of a disappointment over what the screen looks like. The device in the picture has a bezel on top, as well as notches for the dual selfie cameras seen on the screen, instead of simple small holes for the camera/s. Additionally, it does not look like the screen is curved.

The phone carries the label “Beyond 2,” which is believed to be the Galaxy S10’s code name.

However, there are four versions of the Galaxy S10 planned, and reports have said that the screen of the least expensive version, the Galaxy S10 Lite, will be flat instead of curved. Some of the models are also expected to have dual-lens selfie cameras in the front display.

But it is possible that the phone on the /LEAKS site and Facebook page is the Galaxy S10 because it looks very similar to the 5G Samsung phone included at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon event. Samsung aimed to launch a minimum of one 5G phone in 2019, and it’s quite possible that it will be one of the Galaxy S10 phones.

How reliable is the leak on /Leaks? Well, the image of the Beyond 2 has gotten a 100 percent “Legit” score so far. It was leaked by NTKLEAK (whoever he or she may be) who has a 73 percent accurate score on the site and has contributed 179 leaks since he joined the site earlier this year.

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