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Is Samsung following in Apple’s steps? Leak of Galaxy Tab S6 shows a curious, but now-familiar, feature

Samsung famously, and repeatedly, called Apple out for removing its headphone jack there years ago, and now it seems as though the tech giant is following in Apple’s footsteps after all




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A recent article in Android Headlines (AH) showed an exclusive leak of ’s answer to the high-end iPad Pro—its Galaxy Tab S6 on July 17.

The tablet comes in three colours at least, grey, pink (rose gold) and light blue. There is a slot for the tablet’s stylus in the back. Though some have speculated that the stylus can be changed wirelessly via the tablet, this is still uncertain. Rumour also has it that the stylus and the tablet attach to each other magnetically, although this has some tech reviewers concerned as to whether or not the stylus will get lost easily.

Industry experts expect that the stylus will be Bluetooth-enabled.

The Galaxy Tab S6 is the first tablet to have a dual-lens camera, which is a big coup for Samsung. According to the AH report, “It had been said that one of those cameras might be a ToF sensor and while it remains unclear if that is the case, on close inspection the sensors do appear to be a little different. Therefore, at the very least there is going to be some difference(s) between the two sensors although it may just be a matter of the second being a wider lens.

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The wide theory seems the more likely and if previous reports are correct, we’re looking at a thirteen-megapixel main sensor along with a five-megapixel wide-angle sensor.”

On the other hand, the biggest surprise concerning the Galaxy Tab S6 is the lack of the headphone jack. Now, the tablet does have speakers— four AKG-tuned speakers, to be exact. It also has a USB-C port.

But no place to put regular headphones.

This is certainly a big surprise, since Samsung famously, and repeatedly, called out for removing its headphone jack there years ago, and now it seems as though the tech giant is following in Apple’s footsteps after all.

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Whether or not the gadget will feature an in-display fingerprint sensor on its monitor screen is a question that AH cannot yet answer. An iris or face recognition sensor seems out of the question for the Galaxy Tab S6, as there do not seem to be any component parts that suggest these security features.

AH writes that it expects the tablet to have some pretty impressive specs. The report was “unable to add confirmation to the specs, however, previous reports have pointed to a fairly high-end offering boasting the latest specs. Those reports say the Galaxy Tab S6 will feature a 10.5-inch display along with 6GB RAM, 128GB storage (option to upgrade to 256GB) and the device will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC along with a 6,840 mAh capacity battery.”

When will the rest of the world get to see this new device? There is no official release date quite yet. But, Samsung’s Unpacked event is less than three weeks away, on August 7, when the company will be launching its Galaxy Note 10 smartphone in New York. It’s possible that the Galaxy Tab S6 may be released on that day as well, according to industry insiders.

As to the price of the Galaxy Tab S6, that’s still everyone’s guess, although, as AH reports, “considering this appears to be the most premium-built and high-spec tablet to come from Samsung, you can expect it to be expensive.” -/TISG

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