Business & Economy Startups Indonesian healthtech Medigo secures seed funding from Venturra Discovery

Indonesian healthtech Medigo secures seed funding from Venturra Discovery




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The funding was secured in the company’s Q4 last year, just after the launch of Venturra Discovery itself in September 2018

Medigo, Indonesia-based healthtech company that connects healthcare facilities with patients, doctors, insurance agents, and government under one platform, announced that it has raised seed funding from Venturra Discovery, the new seed investment arm of Venturra Capital.

Claimed to be different than other healthtech startups, Medigo was founded in May 2018, focusses on connecting healthcare facilities with the mission to “build a better, more connected Indonesian digital healthcare ecosystem”.

To do this, Medigo targets hospitals, clinics, and also Puskesmas (the local health centre) as users of their platform, seeking to connect them with their patients, doctors, and supporting partners such as insurance as well as the government.

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“Medigo believes that the real problems in the Indonesian healthcare industry are not patient-side, but on the providers’ side. The healthcare industry is highly regulated, very bureaucratic, and complex. We aim to solve problems for providers first. Without solving those problems, it’s tough to provide quality service and experience to patients,” said Harya Bimo, CEO of Medigo.

In its official statement, Medigo highlighted that most of more than 2800 hospitals in Indonesia are not yet connected to their doctors and patients. Majority of more than 18.000 clinics all over Indonesia are not yet standardized and still being operated manually.

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Challenges in the Indonesian healthcare industry include interoperability in all levels of healthcare facilities from Puskesmas, clinics, to hospitals. There is also inefficiency in accessing medical records for both patients and healthcare providers, along with complicated referencing process between healthcare facilities, not to mention the manual process required for insurance claims.

One of Medigo’s products for healthcare providers in Indonesia is an out-patient management platform for hospitals to manage their polyclinics operations such as registrations, queue, patient slots, and doctors schedule through API connection.

For clinics, Medigo provides an integrated clinic management application called Medigo Qlinik, that is aimed towards clinics owner or management to digitize their operations.

As for patients, Medigo provides a soon-to-be-launched app to connect to doctors practicing in Medigo’s clinic and hospital partners. It lets patients register, book a consultation, check medical resume, dan pay for consultations and medicine.

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Currently, the pilot phase of Medigo is running in local hospital Rumah Sakit Pertamina Pusat (RSPP), Rumah Sakit Pertamina Jaya (RSPJ), and over 100 clinics. This year, Medigo aims to partner with 10 hospitals, 500 clinics, to get to 3 million interactions between patients and doctors.

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