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Indian FT tells his countrymen to grab any first job offer in Singapore even if it pays less




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By: Forever Vagabond/

Indian FT Kamal Kumar wrote a blog describing his ordeal while hunting for a job in Singapore. He shared his lessons on a blog post entitled ‘How to get a job in Singapore from India?’, hoping to help other Indian nationals who also want to get a better career and higher salary jobs in Singapore.

Kamal started looking for jobs in Singapore because his wife had been relocated by her company to work in Singapore. He spent 1 month on vacation in Singapore looking for jobs.

“During that period, I was selected by 2 employers in SG but offered a salary that was lower than my expectation. So, I declined the offer. But that gave me the confidence that I can get job in SG without any problems,” he wrote.

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He went back home, resigned and relocated to SG to become a full-time job seeker. As his wife is duly employed in Singapore, he can stay in Singapore on a Dependant Pass. Also people on such a pass can work in Singapore.

“I came here with expectations of getting an opportunity that was better than my Indian job. I was in manager position in the manufacturing industry in India,” he said.

During the first 2-3 months in his job search, he was offered jobs with lower salary than his job in India. He kept declining those offers and after 3-4 months, interview calls dropped and the tough time began.

Networking for Expats

During this period, to help him to network, he participated in activities organized by InterNations. This is an organization that plans activities for expats to help each other in a foreign land. No doubt, such activities would help job seekers like Kamal to network with other expats.

However, eventually he got a good offer from India and he decided to go back home to work. But in the process of looking for jobs in Singapore, he learned many lessons.

“During these tough times, I learnt many lessons that I would like to share with other Indians who are looking for jobs in Singapore,” he said.

Job portals, ST and HR consultants

“To start with your job search, there are lots of online job portals that provide lot of information such as JobsCentral.com.sg, sg.JobStreet.com, JobsCentral.com.sg,” he explained.

“Another important source is the main English language newspaper in Singapore, The , publishes a ‘Classified Jobs’ and ‘Executive Appointments’ supplement every Saturday that lists a wide range of job opportunities. The online version of these job listings can be found in the ST701 portal.”

“Some companies hire recruitment agencies to help them find candidates. Some reputed recruitment agencies include GMP, Adecco, Kelly Services, Hudson, Michael Page, Robert Walters and Recruit Express.”

He also explained that job seekers can get help from a job consultant for free.

“You can hire consultants for resume services, career counseling and coaching services in SG to advise you on the right path. But the job consultants work for the company not for the candidates. They look for the right people for the job, not jobs for the people. You can contact recruitment consultants to discuss about the job opportunity,” he added.

Grab the first job offer even if it pays less

Kamal also lamented that he was wrong for being inflexible and rejecting job offers with lower salary.

“It is advisable to accept the first job even if it is lesser than your expectation,” he advised his fellow countrymen.

“It is important to first get your foot in the door. You should try to remain flexible and keep the options open. However, you should also keep cost of living in SG in mind before accepting any offer.”

“Be flexible, act smart, be ready to learn new things, expand your professional network and take right decision on right time.”

Despite going back to India, he still thinks Singapore is a great place to work.

He praised Singapore, “Singapore is (a) developed country with one of the most successful economies in the world.”

“SG is an attractive destination for Indians to work, as one can fulfill the dream of earning a salary in dollars while staying close to India.”

So, as the Sing Dollar rises, on doubt, more FTs will clamor to want to work in Singapore. And, with FTs willing to grab any job offers with lower salary, salaries for Singaporean PMETs will continue to be depressed.

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