Obbana Rajah

With the increase in the number of Halal Certified restaurants, or restaurants that are currently in the process of getting their Halal Certification, more tolerance is needed from those of other races.

Many have taken to Facebook to create groups boycotting these restaurants and food chains, something rather insensitive and wholly unnecessary.

Even sandwich chain Subway has replaced their non-Halal meats such as ham, bacon, and salami have been replaced with chicken and beef while awaiting Halal certification.

Since February, more than sixty Subway branches have embraced this change.

Upon the announcement of their going Halal on their Facebook page, Subway Singapore received much backlash from netizens.

However, there were indeed those who were accepting of this change and willing to make the switch in the name of tolerance and understanding.

People should understand that the move to go Halal does not mean less options for everyone else, it simply means more options for those Halal.

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