Entertainment Arts Hyerim and Yubin talk about their close bond and hope for Wonder...

Hyerim and Yubin talk about their close bond and hope for Wonder Girls reunion

Yubin exited JYP Entertainment recently and started her agency called rrr Entertainment. She recruited Hyerim as rrr Entertainment's first artist.




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Former Wonder Girls members Hyerim and Yubin shared about their close bond recently. The duo appeared on SBS PowerFM’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time on 2 June 2020. Yubin exited JYP Entertainment recently and started her agency called rrr Entertainment.

She recruited Hyerim as rrr Entertainment’s first artist. According to Yubin, she had no plans to start an agency but she thought that if she moved to another agency, it will still be the same so that is why she decided to try it out.

At the beginning it was tough, but with Hyerim beside her, Yubin said that it was great. She is confident that she knows Hyerim best and another agency might be able to give Yubin better care. So Yubin made her an offer so that she can shine. Hyerim shared that she is thankful to be at an agency that knows her well. The pair spoke about how they had not been close while promoting together.

Hyerim shared that when the two of them were promoting, Yubin was not the type to suggest in a friendly way that they should do something together. Hyerim had to approach her first. The duo also did not have the opportunity to get close when they were promoting but they bonded when they were at JYP. Yubin said she was not able to show her emotions well. JYP founder Park Jin Young advised Yubin about starting her own company. He emphasised to her to reduce her fixed costs and that fixed costs are the most essential thing for a start-up.

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Hyerim is getting married on 5 July. Picture: Instagram

On the show, Hyerim’s upcoming wedding to taekwondo athlete Shin Mhin Chul was mentioned as well. The pair have been seeing each other for seven years and they are tying the knot on July 5 which is in 33 days. Hyerim said that she had no idea things will be so chaotic. She said that after the show, she will go over to JYP to hand out wedding invitations. Yubin spoke about Shin Mhin Chul, saying that he is a great person.

Someone wrote in to ask Yubin on the show to know if she would recruit other Wonder Girls members. He asked if they would be able to see Wonder Girls as a full group. Yubin responded that they may be able to do that someday and she is hopeful to see other senior artists having reunions as it would be fun. Hyerim then told Yubin that she better do some choreography practice. Yubin then said that she went on a program where she did a random play dance. She had forgotten it all so she thought she better practice. She recalled that Hyerim and her just remembered their parts but not the other members’ parts. /TISG


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