Featured News Huawei P30 Pro battles it out with Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Huawei P30 Pro battles it out with Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

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Displays, image-making, software and battery life -- which one is better at what?

Samsung used to have monopoly on Android phones until Huawei’s P30 series were released. Proving itself to be a tough contender, the P30 Pro has become worthy enough for comparisons by tech critics.

No doubt these phones promise the most features — displays, battery life and zoom capabilities — in the market today.

Let’s take a look what users would normally consider before purchasing a phone.


At a glance, both phones look so similar, with the same rounded edges and overall size. The P30 Pro offers the Aurora option which allows the back of the phone to turn various hues of blue.

The S10+, however, emphasises function over form, with its Infinity-O cutout that eliminates bezels.

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Equipped with a 6.47-inch OLED display with curved edges, the P30 Pro’s display is an understandable attraction for users. Some noted that the Full HD display was a bit of a letdown because many expected a Quad HD display, although it is easy to get around this hurdle once you try out other features of the phone.

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Samsung has long been making some of the best panels and seems to have upheld this standard with the S10+. The Dynamic AMOLED panel has high contrast levels and saturated colors that produce the an elegant display.


Both phones have large batteries, the P30 Pro with its 4200mAh unit and the S10+ a 4100mAh battery. They are also capable of wireless charging and reverse wireless charging.

Reviews noted how the P30 Pro’s battery lasts for two days easily unlike the S10+. It also has a 40W super charge capability which means reaching 70 per cent battery life in half an hour.

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When it comes to software, the P30 Pro does not quite reach the level of the S10+ or user expectations. It’s EMUI software has a lot of bloatware (unneeded apps) and is not as user-friendly as the S10+ with its OneUI interface.


When it comes to photography capabilities, the P30 Pro wins hands down.

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In fact, Huawei just released its Dual-View Camera Mode which allows users to create split-screen videos by using the phone’s primary camera and zoom lens. You get two perspectives at once on the screen.

Photo: Provided by Huawei

Photo: Provided by Huawei

The top features of this mode include:

– Capturing a wider view of the background and the surrounding objects

– Simultaneously zooming in on objects with the split screen

– Shooting two different angles, panoramic and close up, at once

This mode is now available on both the P30 and P30 Pro.

But, that doesn’t mean that the S10+ takes bad shots. The phone captures images with vivid colours, dynamic range and evenly saturated thanks to its 12MP camera.

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While the P30 Pro is jam-packed with camera tech, the Galaxy S10+ still remains the default choice for many due to its availability worldwide, according to androidcentral. However, the phone is not readily available in other regions like the U.S. due to the continued troubles of Huawei with the U.S, government.

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The S10+ also has the best display on the market.

However, the P30 Pro is a strong match for the S10+. It all boils down to user preference.

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