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How AI can benefit marketers in 2019




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Do you know how one makes a deal? It requires a rock-hard mindset and extraordinary marketing skills

Drill into your head that a customer has a lot of brands to pick from. He thinks from a heart that throbs for a particular one.

That brand might have put its 110 per cent in getting connected with its customers emotionally.

So, it’s up to you to come with a blockbuster upselling and cross-selling idea.

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What I mean to say is that the knowledge economy is offbeat. Emotion economy is likely to rule in 2019.

What is the emotion economy?

It’s an interesting economy — a feeling, or a touch that involves people and their relationship.

Intensive research and data mining on the past actions predicts what action each customer is going to take up.

Artificial intelligence (AI) apps are making it a walkover. Even, Facebook harnesses emotions and feelings for catering intended data to the advertisers using this intelligence.

Let’s say, you published many pictures of what you eat on your FB account. Its AI can pull out intelligence over how you feel through various pictures of eatables.

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It’s the emotion economy that delivers many ideas worth millions of dollars.

While following its footprints, many organisations are investing hundreds of dollars on data research and analytics.

A research firm ‘Markets and Markets’ has also claimed that computing marketing is all set to touch US$59 billion by 2021. Also, IBM Watson’s 2019 Marketing Trends Report spotlighted its role to engage customers with more brands.

In all, these predictions have a lot of prospects regarding AI & machine learning powered emotion economy.

Hyper-personalisation is reality

Have you experienced the role of the Google Assistant?

It’s the finest example of hyper-personalisation.
Precisely saying, your smart TV can assist you in searching what you want to watch.

Its voice recognition and machine intelligence lets you interact with your favourite show or movie in a wink.

How does it happen? Does its manufacturer infuse your thought-process in it?

It’s a fact to a certain extent. Its manufacturer drills customers’ insights by using pervasive revolutionary technologies.

Subsequently, human marketers develop a better sense and understanding. Then, the relevant creativity pops up in several disciplines & domains.

Later on, the revolutionary idea is delivered across channels to individual consumers via devices and technology.

Merging of consultancy and tech experts

The influx of artificial intelligence is removing rifts between consulting firms and app developers.

Many marketers integrate analysis apps for communicating with the data to mine. Not only do the developers of ahrefs or SEMrush or Moz tools, for example, analyse marketing trends, but also they bid their consulting skills.

That’s why the merger of customer experience analytics and mobile apps is boosting up requirements of consultancies and agencies converge.

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These are highly calculative ideas to save on money by investing in the consultative arrangements.

Such firms are capitalizing on machine learning through Chatbots or apps to resolve client’s marketing and customer challenges.

Where does the role of a tech-savvy marketer arise?

It’s true that online shopping and digital services are on the surge.

Yet, one can’t meet customer satisfaction unless he provides them with what they intend to.

The modern marketers can predict optimal customer journeys. Access to the AI-powered predictive data mining and analysis tool helps them to determine what the customers most likely to churn.

Even, the easily accessible Google Analytics tool can reveal at what point customers struggled to complete their goals during their online experience.

Undoubtedly, apps are playing a crucial role in it.

The future is here wherein marketers with multiple skills are the most-sought-after recruitment.

They should be hooked to technology and its updates. The trend is shifting from versatile hiring to take care of marketing in the digital era.

Also, they should focus on customer satisfaction along with marketing technology.

In all, the survival of a marketer will depend on innovation and versatility. The more a marketer has the skills, the closer they would be to the customers or clients.

As far as the satisfaction is concerned, his versatility and tech knowledge would integrate into the data mining that emphasizes on tapping the hidden patterns digitally.

While merging it with the analysis, they would have many incredible ideas to viably implement and yield the intended result.

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