Lifestyle Help! My sister joined an MLM and it's tearing my family apart

Help! My sister joined an MLM and it’s tearing my family apart

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"We had an argument recently when I told her that her entire MLM company is more like a cult, with her “If you’re not with me you’re against me” I just find the whole organisation and it’s members to be really cringe," her brother wrote

SINGAPORE: “What would you do if you were in my shoes?” asked a local Reddit user, who said that ever since her sister had joined an MLM (multi-level marketing), it’s been “tearing my family apart.”

MLMs are businesses that sell products to friends/family members and recruit them to do the same. Writing on r/askSingapore, u/Open-Hippo-7213 wrote that his sister had joined a company that sells “Health” products around two years ago and that he’s seen it “really take over her life. Her social media posts are filled with ads about their products and recruiting others to join. She even gave up her job and has gotten so many of my cousins, aunts and uncles to join as well. I literally cannot escape, every family gathering they will talk about it, every social media post on my feed will be about them promoting their products.”

The sister, however, says the company is not an MLM company but that she’s helping people “l.ive healthier lives” and be “financially independent.” She asked u/Open-Hippo-7213 to join as well, but he declined.

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But his sister did not take no for an answer and has lately become increasingly pushy, “to the point where she told me that if I didn’t sign up she’ll cut ties with me because it shows that I’m not supportive of her.”

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He added that he’s tired of arguing with his sister and has blocked relatives who have joined the company because he doesn’t want to be part of their “MLM nonsense.”

His post has been widely commented on, with fellow Reddit users voicing support and giving suggestions.

“I see three options. Firstly, you can just deal with it and still have your family on your side. Secondly, cut off the parts claimed by the MLM but also develop your own support network (it could be colleagues, friends, family members that are still sane- note that you can do this with option one as well). Thirdly, perhaps some other commenter can share some innovative idea for your family members to get a taste of their own medicine (some trick where you use the MLM against them idk),” wrote one.

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“She needs to respect others decision just like how u respect her choice,” another pointed out.

“Invest in other relationships – friendships, other family members (if there are any left). I’m sorry, OP,” one chimed in.

One wrote, “I have walked through this phase. It is just temporary state. No one will have that much social connections and cash to burn through. Once she is done with MLM, give her support. Just let her be however she wants. Make up excuses to not give her money. Fight with her, her negative energy has to go somewhere.”


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