Entertainment Celebrity Hadid sisters condemned by Janice Dickinson

Hadid sisters condemned by Janice Dickinson

"They are very pretty women, but they're not supermodels'




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Janice Dickinson, 66, was part of the first wave of the golden age of supermodels and does not think much of the current wave. The supermodel recently visited the podcast Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef, and she took the chance to share her thoughts on everyone from Bella and Gigi Hadid, Tyra Banks and Lisa Rinna all the way to Julie Andrews.

She talked about the direction modelling has gone in recent decades saying, “The models of the 70s and 80s do not compare to the models of today, the Instagram models who get famous and they put into Vogue, the Kylie Jenners and the Gigi Hadids and the Bella Hadids.”

“I mean, there are very pretty women, but they’re not supermodels. I’m sorry,” Dickinson added, going on to compare Vogue’s number of subscribers, “what 800,000”, to the number of people following Kylie Jenner, which she said was “25 million…something like that”.

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(In reality, Vogue’s readership is in the vicinity of 1.153 million, according to the Conde Nast website, while Jenner currently commands a following on Instagram of 219 million.)

Bella Hadid is part of the new wave of supermodels. Picture: Instagram

Dickinson maintained in the interview that the models of today are “never on the level of the girls from the seventies and eighties and the nineties, we were fabulous.

“I’m just thinking they’re not, they’re just, they have one look, they don’t really diversify their movements,” she continued. “They just stand there. And get paid millions of dollars. Oh, they are not fierce walkers.”

However, classic runway stars were not immune from Dickinson’s derision as she also talked about Tyra Banks during the chat.

“If you want to get in with Tyra, you compliment her 24/7,” she shared.

“And you know, you just have to be able to put up with that type of woman who only likes gay men. She did not like me. She didn’t like other women. She loved only, like, gay men.”

According to Daily Mail UK, Dickinson was a judge on four seasons of Banks’ reality competition series America’s Next Top Model from 2003 to 2006. Models are not the only ones to face the wrath of the former Playboy cover girl. She shared an unpleasant memory from the time she tried to get an autograph from Julie Andrews.

“I once met Julie Andrews at UCLA and she was in this back room and I was politely waiting my turn in line to get a selfie and at least, you know, get an autograph,” she recollected.

“And she, she stopped in front of me and she says, ‘I’ve had enough. Thank you.’ And I was like, ‘Enough of what I, I stood in this line to get your autograph politely.'” She was like, ‘Well, I’m done. I’m tired.'”

“I was like, ‘F**k you, man. How dare you,'” Dickinson concluded, before adding that “Andrews is ‘a b**ch. She hurt my feelings.”

Lisa Rinna, a Real Houswife, was last on the list of those on the receiving end of Dickinson’s outspoken feelings in the interview.

“She’s said, she did one quote that I didn’t didn’t quite accept,” Dickinson shared. “She says, ‘I was the first one with the lips.’ Fat chance. I was the first one with the lips and mine are real.

“Mine are not like rubber and all kind of like carved out [and] reinserted with like, you know, a boob,” she added.

Dickinson revealed that she had been considered for the lead role that fatefully went to Julia Roberts in 1990’s Pretty Woman.

“I was up for Pretty Woman and I, I kind of blew that part,” Dickinson recalled, saying she “was too nervous to go in and read for the producers”.

“I thought that they should just award me the part,” she continued. “I can’t memorise lines… then my mind was so ADD, ADHD, ADD, ADHD. I couldn’t remember the lines.”

Later, she remembered how she watched the film, thinking, “It could have been me. It could have been me. I could’ve been making out with Richard Gere and enjoying myself!” /TISGFollow us on Social Media

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