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Grace Fu’s push up videos draw netizens ire

"We don’t need a minister who can do 100 push-ups, we need people who care for us," said a member of the online community




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After Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu took to Facebook to take part in an online challenge that aims to raise awareness for mental health issues, not everyone commended her for doing so.

Ms Fu on Sunday (September 20) took to Facebook, posting a 51-second clip of herself taking up the 25-day #pushupchallenge, which aims to raise awareness for people who suffer from mental illnesses.

Did my 25 push-ups after my house visits today at the nearby playground. One way to help improve mental health is…

Posted by Grace Fu on Sunday, September 20, 2020

The online challenge gets people to commit to doing 25 pushups a day for a total of 25 days. Once someone is nominated for the challenge, they are to begin day one the following day. On each of the 25 days, nominees are to post a video of themselves doing the pushups, nominating a new person each time.

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Ms Fu shared her second day of the challenge, captioning her video, “Did my 25 push-ups after my house visits today at the nearby playground.”

“One way to help improve mental health is through exercise. It can be as simple as going for a run or doing yoga at home,” she said. “Exercise can help increase endorphin, dopamine and serotonin levels – hormones that are known to promote positive feelings. Do exercise regularly for better mental health, and to also keep physically fit and healthy!”

However, though many took to the comments section of Ms Fu’s post, not all commended her for taking up the challenge. There were also those who questioned how the challenge actually gets people to be substantially aware of mental health issues.

“How does you doing push-ups do anything at all for people suffering from mental health?” asked one netizen, stressing the need for “systemic change and recognition that mental health is way more than counseling or de-stigmatisation.”

To this comment, Ms Fu replied, “As mental wellness does not come under my Ministry, I am just doing what I can to show support. I am sure every bit is helpful, don’t you think so. Better to do something than not right?”

Still, another netizen commented, “Seriously we don’t need a minister who can do 100 pushups…we need people (who) care for us. Tell us your plans…tell us your view(s) (on) the current situation.”

To this, Ms Fu replied, “Thank you for your interest in our plans. You may refer to my many posts before and after this. You will find our plans on waste management, food production, cleaning and public hygiene and dengue control.”

Photo: screengrab from Facebook comments / Grace Fu

Photo: screengrab from Facebook comments / Grace Fu

Photo: screengrab from Facebook comments / Grace Fu



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