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Goh Meng Seng questions PM Lee for not defending himself after the States Times Review article, then says “he should abide by his own advice, get out of politics”




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Following the defamatory article of the States Time Review and Coverage Malaysia, secretary-general of the People’s Power Party (PPP), Goh Meng Seng, took to Facebook to call out Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for not defending himself against the allegations. He asked on social media, “Where is the iron in you, Mr Prime Minister?”

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, November 13, Mr Goh wrote, “Almost a week has passed since States Time Review and Coverage Malaysia have posted a very potent defamatory article again against our Prime Minister Lee”.


He added, “Not only had the article criminally defamed PM Lee but it also affects our status as a Global and Regional Financial Center”.

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He said that while PM Lee may have “utilized Government machinery to deal with the editor of STR and Coverage Malaysia”, he did not make an attempt to defend himself.

Mr Goh also continued, “The Monetary Authority of Singapore, which wasn’t even mentioned in the ofending article, was called upon to report police, which has no jurisdiction over editor of Coverage Malaysia or Alex TAN, who is residing in Australia and most probably obtained Australian citizenship, or at least Permanent Residency”.

While the Media Authority was utilized to send a “warning letter” and block the sites STR and Coverage Malaysia, the latter continued to put up the defamatory article against PM Lee even after it was banned by the Media Development Authority.

Mr Goh then wrote, “I hope PM Lee isn’t trying to play ostrich and pretend that nothing has happened and continue to “outsource” the fight to the administration. PM Lee should realize that he can’t possibly outsource his own reputation or his own responsibility to defend himself to others. He needs to have iron in him else, he should abide by his own advice, get out of politics”.



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