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Go-Jek driver in S$7 fare dispute apparently has a reputation for misogyny and hostility

Aaron Heng has an acrimonious online trail, having called blogger XiaXue “fugly” in 2012 and filed a police report against Jovina Choi in the past




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Singapore – Aaron Heng has been making the rounds on social media for his rather dramatic reaction to a S$7 fare discrepancy while on duty as a Go-Jek driver. Thanks to online sleuths, Mr Heng’s online activities that involve misogynistic comments have been brought to light.

On March 30, a 7-minute video was uploaded on SG Road Vigilante’s Facebook page that showed Mr Heng engaged in a heated argument with an elderly couple over a price difference in the trip fare – or rather, Mr Heng was highly defiant while the couple tried to deal with the issue peacefully.


It turned out that Mr Heng was not new to catching the public’s attention, in 2012, he appeared in blogger Cheng Yan Yan Wendy’s (popularly known as Xiaxue), post for his misogynistic comments.

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Titled “The Faces of Haters,” the blog highlighted the hate comments of netizens on Xiaxue’s posts with a feature on the haters’ background information that was readily available online.

The misogynistic comments were posted on photos of Xiaxue and her friends uploaded by Temasek Review, an anti-establishment site in 2012.

Photo: screengrab of Xiaxue’s blogpost

Xiaxue clarified that the photos were taken in 2011 and that she did not share her political opinion on PAP then.

One of the commenters was Aaron Heng who even made a rude PAP-related remark.

Mr Heng was first under the section, “Introducing the Honourable Men of Singapore.”

Read his comment and what Xiaxue had to say in her defence:

Photo: screengrab of Xiaxue’s blogpost

Photo: screengrab of Xiaxue’s blogpost

According to Mothership.sg, Aaron Heng has recently filed a police report against Jovina Choi who became an internet sensation for her comment, “Is it because I’m Chinese?”

To date, Mr Heng’s Facebook account has been deactivated, but this is what he wrote in his public post on February 11:

“Police report lodged against Jovina Choi. And this is NOT to seek attention or spreading negativity post just in case the car salesman Edmund Ho from CarTimes Automobile Pte Ltd accuses me of such. Car salesman too free these days liao that’s why got nothing better to do. Cheers.” (sic)

Among Mr Heng’s online trail includes another police report filed against British expatriate Anton Casey for his comment describing Singapore commuters as “poor people”  and a colourful email sent to a big group of recipients including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (see the post below).-TISG


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