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Foreign talent escorted out of doctor’s office after another patient calls his son a mongrel




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Foreign talent, Madhu Lalgudi, claims he saw the real face of racism when a man at a Shenton Medical Group clinic at Republic Plaza allegedly called Madhu’s two-year-oldĀ son a “mongrel” after the boy came out of the doctor’s office crying.

Sharing his frustrations on his Facebook page, in which he also shared a picture of the man in question, Madhu writes that the man first screamed for Madhu and his wife to “get that brat out of here”. When Madhu confronted the man, he shot back: “Look at the two of you, and have you seen your kid in the mirror? He looks like a mongrel. Get out back to the shithole you came from, no one wants you here.”

The doctor who witnessed the event escorted Madhu and his family out of the clinic, telling them that God will take care of their son, instead of escorting the other man out. The clinic staff also refused to release the man’s name to Madhu when he asked for it in order to file a police report.

Madhu has since lodged a non-urgent online report with the police. The CEO of Parkway Shenton has also contacted Madhu after he posted his experience on Facebook. Madhu is currently waiting to discuss the matter with a representative of the Group.

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Madhu Lalgudi currently serves as Director of UBS, a Swiss global financial services company. He has held the position for five years and previously served as Structurer, Associate and Analyst at Credit Suisse, Nomura, Lehman Brothers and JP Morgan. He has lived outside of India for the past ten years.

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