Asia Malaysia Fishermen chase croc with body of man seen in jaws

Fishermen chase croc with body of man seen in jaws




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MIRI: Fishermen saw a croc swimming swiftly past them in a river in with part of the body of a man in its jaws.

The fishermen living along Sungai Suai in Niah district, northern also found the remains of a person half-eaten by a , reports The Star. 

They found only the lower part of the stomach and the legs, says Miri police chief Asst Comm Lim Meng Seah.

The police says it appears it was a crocodile attack and there were bite marks all over the body parts. The fishermen were out fishing at around 2.40 pm when they saw a crocodile swimming past very quickly with the body of a man in its jaws.

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They chased after the croc, scaring it and saw the remains of the body floating on the river.

They dragged the body parts to the river bank before they called the police who says they confirmed it was the body of a man who did not have any identification papers in his trousers.

Sg Suai is located deep in the Niah district, 120km south of Miri city. It is infested with a big numbers of crocodiles, some of which are very big.

If February, AFP reported an Indonesian man was been mauled to death by a crocodile in Malaysia.

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The report says the man’s horrified nephew spotted the victim disappearing into a river during the attack, police said on Thursday (Feb 14).

Muh Tahir Majid Syam, 40, went missing while hunting for crabs with his nephew by the river in Sarawak.

While looking for him, the younger man suddenly saw his uncle’s head pop up above the water’s surface before sinking again, AFP says.

Watch a man-eating crocodile caught in the Philippines:

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